released on Sep 04, 2008

From Single Cell to Galactic God, evolve your creature in a universe of your own creations. Play through Spore's five evolutionary stages: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space. Each stage has its own unique style, challenges, and goals.

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Some of the most fun I've had in gaming was playing this as a kid and making the weirdest little guys in the galaxy and then building them from a microbe into an interstellar empire.

[Ref Played regularly since release] A unique game I'd recommend to anybody who enjoys games like Minecraft where you make your own fun
Pros: A great concept in a silly little game, its not difficult to find for only a couple of quid and has the potential to give the player many many hours of fun
Cons: I'd consider this the game I played most needing a remake or sequel, the gameplay is in places aged, graphics inconsistent and there's clear signs in the leftover dev features that there was intended to be more to the game that was cut late development

True rating:
Gameplay & Mechanics: 7/10= ⭐️0.7
Graphics & Visuals: 8/10= ⭐️0.8
Sound & Music: 10/10= ⭐️1
Quality & Polishing: 4/10= ⭐️0.4
Story/Setting & Campaign: 10/10= ⭐️1
0.7 + 0.8 + 1 + 0.4 + 1 = ⭐️3.9
Spore, my beloved comfort game, I don't care about it's flaws, I just can't live without this weird-ass game.
Talking about flaws, for me its only flaw is the fact that it change so much during development, delivering a cartoonish, simplified version of itself at the end that too many people dislike, but me, I'm so damn grateful it was released at least in this very playable but simple state. This game will be the holy grail if you are a creative person, if not, its simplified gameplay probably will bore you.
If Spore have 10 fans I'm one of them, if it has only one fan, I'm the one.

really cool concept and it allllllmost pulls it off but it just falls a biiiiiiiiit short
please make this game again but now and with a super big budget

I'm not sure I like this game. It has a strong smell of nostalgia as I remember waiting for it to release when I was 9. Now, it just seems to be way too...lukewarm?
I enjoy that there's a lot of variety in gameplay. You start in cell stage which is essentially agar.io - simple, fun and engaging. It doesn't last long enough to get boring and then you move to creature stage, which plays similar to any other third-person game, but the complexity doesn't really increase all that much and your only real actions are either charming or fighting. It gets boring after a single time, and the entire stage takes too long to be engaging because you will have to travel around to get to other nests, while avoiding aggressive gangs of carnivores. It's boring.
Then there's the tribal stage, which plays like a very barebones version of AoE or some simple RTS. Build buildings to get tools, gather food to build buildings, defeat or ally with other tribes. Simple, and for the most part fun, as you alternate between attacking and being attacked (I chose the aggressive path throughout the game).
Then there's the civilization stage which was really fun because I got to design a lot of different machines and buildings, but the gameplay is once again terribly simple - either unify or conquer other cities. This plays like a barebones RTS. It doesn't last too long (especially in aggresive playthroughs, as you soon get more powerful with higher-yield bombs and the last few cities can be essentially wiped off the face of the planet in a minute).
The space stage is clearly where the majority of the game needs to be played, but it is incredibly boring. There's some complexity, sure, you have various resources, you have a vast array of tools you can get, you have a relatively large galaxy to navigate through and explore, but I don't know...either it's the fact that I have seen procgen galaxies so many times (from NMS to Starfield), or maybe it's the fact that it is oddly similar to Stellaris, which I love but never manage to figure out for it to be engaging. It felt tedious to do this stage and I quit here after some time.