Star Fox 64

released on Apr 27, 1997

The update to the 16-bit Super NES title continues the original's on-rails 3D shooting action on the Nintendo 64. Starring Fox McCloud, Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi, and Slippy Toad, this new 64-bit version contains 15 plus levels, easy, medium, and difficult paths, forward-scrolling levels as well as full 3D realms, and a three-part multiplayer mode using a four-player split screen. In addition to plenty of Arwing action, the game introduces a new hover tank and even features a submarine level. The 8-megabyte cartridge also boasts voice samples from 23 different characters instead of the original's animal noises. Star Fox 64 was the first game to feature Rumble Pak support. A Rumble Pak bundle and standalone version of the game were sold. Released in Europe under the name Lylat Wars.

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Realista, carismático e imersivo, Star Fox é provavelmente uma das maiores criações do 64, com diálogos e personagens interessantes, gráficos bonitos, e um foco muito grande em qualidade e diversidade em mecânicas e fases, acima de horas de jogo.

I kind of felt like bringing down the score because I don't particularly enjoy the all-range mode, but considering everything else this game has to offer and how many times I've replayed it... fuck it, 5 stars.

An Absolute Classic and the first game I ever played. It is short, sweet, and wonderfully iconic in every way. From the characters to the overall feel. I don't think Nintendo will ever make a star fox game this great in its execution. This is probably my Favorite N64 game overall.

THIS GAMES AWESOME! I love the branching paths and the sound effects and the voice acting AND THE LINES ADJHKSDHAK its all so good! the only thing keeping this from being a 10 is the not-so-good controls. I got used to them after a while but yeah. good game

One of the most fun games of the '90s.

I think the reason Star Fox 64 doesn't entertain me as much as the first game is because that was playing on a SNES, and even in 2023 that was crazy to me that the SNES was capable of running a 3D-feeling game that managed to capture the feeling of flying through space with a squad of unique characters, and overall it was an impressive experience despite the slowdown issues.
Star Fox 64 just feels like a remake of Star Fox SNES, and whilst it looks and plays way better and still feels awesome to fly through space with a squad, it doesn't exactly feel as impressive to me.