In this next generation role-playing game set amongst the stars, create any character you want and explore with unparalleled freedom as you embark on an epic journey to answer humanity’s greatest mystery.

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Despite their reputation, I usually enjoy Bethesda games. I had very high expectations for Starfield, but it falls short in just about every aspect. No idea really feels fleshed out, such as space exploration is really just navigating menus and watching an unskippable cutscene. No choice really feels like it has consequences and almost every interaction feels bland.
Really disappointed, which is a shame because I really wanted to like this game. However I have no desire to play for any longer than I already have.

i played this for about 10 hours. i wanted to try and at least finish the story before dropping a score but dear god this game is boring as fuck. i'm patient when it comes to slow openings if i can see the vision. i even enjoyed fallout 4 quite a bit despite it's flaws because it still had that cozy feel i like about bethesda games. but starfield is just loading screen after loading screen. you warp to a planet, drop off at the quest marker, kill some guys, warp again. there's nothing of value to explore. the game is ugly, runs like shit, and the quests are boring. the gun play is solid but that's about it. I don't like comparing games in reviews, but in a year with bg3 and cyberpunk 2.0, starfield is so unremarkable. hell, even day one cyberpunk was more fun than this. i know 10 hours isn't alot but another 30 hours of loading screens doesn't sound appealing.

Not many game companies can hype up a game quite like Bethesda can. But since the shambles of Fallout 76, the phrase "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" comes to mind.
Playing this "game" felt like a punishment. Like school detention or being grounded as a kid. I'm so angry that I actually want that time back. Staring at the ceiling of an endoscopy ward while getting a camera shoved up my back passage would have been more enjoyable than this. Don't waste your time Mr Jib.

Better than Skyrim on a technical level, but it's missing some of the magic that Skyrim was able to capture. Still great and fun.

I basically enjoyed it, and I can already tell that I'm gonna back to this at some point. You start playing and it's pretty neat, and you're excited to get a whole wide universe to explore.
And then phase two is realizing that, hey man, there's SO MUCH universe here that, counter-intuitively, there's nothing to do. The planets are huge but there's not much on them, so you end up walking for miles only to arrive at something that's not really worth having arrived at. I would have loved to see, simply, MORE stuff to interact with on any given planet--the cities are perfectly fine!
And then the third phase, weirdly, is playing enough to start finding the interesting stuff that has been hidden around the universe. You'll randomly land on a planet for no real reason, and then there will be a fascinating quest that was hand-crafted and is very good! And then you'll head back into the world and do nothing for a few hours before you, once again, find something very fun to do through (essentially) brute force experiencing every planet.
Call me when Bethesda develops a few DLCs that flesh out the worlds with cool stuff to do between the cool stuff, and I'll be back to buy another copy for whatever console we've gotten to.

Definitely not a bad game, but not really for me, also wasn't really in the mood for a game like this while playing it.
Story gets interesting way too late, and all that starting a second playthrough did for me was realize the story is just not really written well, and is one that's kind of seems unique or original, but isn't really and has been done better before.
Nothing that happens really feels like it has any weight to it either, like you dont really feel the consequences of something before moving on to the next thing. Might be because of the way i played the game as well (doing very few sidequests) but idk.
There are a lot of different systems and stuff to do in this game, and to be honest most of them just weren't very interesting to me. I just interacted with them the minimal amount I had to in order to progress and that's it. Especially outpost building and ship building and stuff I just didn't touch.
The game is also very much a fast travel/loading screen simulator and sometimes barely even feels like an open world game because of how many loading screens there are.
With all that said, this is definitely a well crafted world, and it's a world you can get lost in easily. Also didn't expect the amount of very detailed levels although some of them feel a bit copy-pasted from other levels, but still, some areas in this game are like very intricate dungeons and it's definitely not just open, empty wastelands, at least on the planets you visit through the main story.
So anyway, not a bad game, not a good game, don't know if I would recommend buying it but it is on gamepass so you could give it a shot if it seems like a game for you.