released on Mar 23, 2023

With Storyteller you are the one writing the stories! Start with a title, characters and settings and create your own twist on stories familiar and new.

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Jogo curto, divertido e fácil, com uma proposta inovadora, mas esperaria alguma promoção, não vale os 14 dólares pela duração.

curto e direto ao ponto
bem gamer

Divertido e criativo, não é o estilo que costumo jogar constantemente mas foi um dos puzzles que mais me diverti nos últimos tempos, que apesar do tempo curto de gameplay, acho que foram 2 horinhas muito bem aproveitadas.

Un título muy peculiar y entretenido en el que tenemos que formar historias. Eso sí, realmente cortito, en menos de dos horas se hace el 100%. Aun así, lo recomiendo.

A good game with a concept that very much appealed to my love of stories, but suffers a bit due to its short length.
If it went on for a few more chapters or had more significant endgame material other than achievement hunting, I would have rated it at least a half star higher.
I'm definitely sold on any large update or sequel that may come out though.

Storyteller is a wonderful and unique game I must say. While I liked it a lot, it has some problems I'd like to get out of the way first. I tought the stages were pretty strict in judging wether my story met the requirements or not, and I expected more creativity especially with the long development cycle the game had. It repeats some ideas and it doesn't mix and match the different characters that much, something I expected the game to do. Aside from that, the game is very well made, I loved the book UI and the art and characters are charming and cute! The music really sets the mood too. I'm not too good at puzzles, but I made an effort and I could finish it. If you're stuck I recommend you take a break from the game and come back later, then you'll have a new perspective on the puzzle. I'm definetely going to play this game with my students sometime, I think they're gonna love it!