Lost, alone, and separated from family, a stray cat must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten cybercity and find the way home.

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Il faut plus de jeu innovant comme stray, le jeu nous met dans le peau d'un petit chat mignon et nous fait voyager dans un univers décalé intérresant a suivre. Dommage qu'il soit un peu court.

This review contains spoilers

Beautiful little game. You wake up in a world as a cat and get a grasp of the mechanics before falling into a lost civilisation. There you uncover the secrets of this world turned wasteland. You meet B-12 your companion throughout and make friends with the outsiders. The game proceeds to take you through short but intense scenes whilst layering in mesmerising music throughout. Being chased by zurks always gave you a rush as you run through the alleys of this broken city. As you uncover more and more secrets, more layers to the story pile on as you go from the slums to the ant village to midtown, realising how vast this place is. Realisation hits that this used to be a system with a jail and police force in place with robots with jobs and souls. You meet Clementine who aids in helping you in your story however your rebel against the shackles that hold civilisation inside leads you to being put in jail and there you see how emotionless these robots can be. Clementine ends up letting you go ahead and rewards you by making you and Outsider and he goes off and distracts the sentinels as you continue your mission that so many people put trust into you to complete. As you come to the end you again feel the rush of nail biting scenes and as the fame comes to a close you leave everyone behind and finally get back outside. B-12 makes a noble sacrifice and this human turned robot, who had a wife and kids who died during the plague, had spiteful feelings about the people in the control room, had the willpower to try and keep the last memories alive, is finally allowed to rest knowing the city has been opened up to the outside and the future is bright for both the companions and the stray.

fun little game with cool cat parkour, nice writing and great game direction. Not revolutionizing but does not overstay its welcome, just a well made game

Jogar com um gatinho é muito satisfatório. Jogo bonito e gostosinho de jogar. Queria que tivesse mais sequências de ação

very cute, fun to explore the larger areas. the music is fantastic and the world and character design is top notch. probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as i did if not for sweetie kitty meow meow.