Strider 2

released on Dec 13, 1999
by Capcom

Strider 2, released in arcades and on the Sony Playstation in 2000, is the sequel to the popular arcade and multiplatform game Strider. This game is considered the true sequel to the original Strider, rather than Strider Returns. Strider Returns is not considered a part of the series, as it was not developed by Capcom, it was exclusive to the west, and most people hated it. Strider 2, on the other hand, was very well received. Unfortunately, despite being hailed by critics and series fans, Strider 2 did not sell well.

The Playstation version of the game included the original Strider on a separate disc, for those who had never played it to become accomodated with the series. In the United States, there was a printing error for the game that swapped the labelling of each CD, so the Strider 2 disc was labelled Strider, and the Strider disc was labelled Strider 2.

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That's what i'm fucking talking about bay BEE !!!

Fun hack n slash arcade game, really love it's vibes, art, music and vibe. I'm not a huge Strider fan as Strider 1 Arcade is one of those games I could never get into but I really enjoyed this one. MVC like sprites for Strider Hiryu is really interesting here lol
Appereantly they cut a lot of cutscene audio in the US version for some reason though and now that I was made aware of this through a hack that fixes it, a replay might be in order

Ninja Gaiden and Super Metroid had a Cyberpunk Ninja as a baby.

Was pleasantly surprised when visiting this classic to learn this is an arcade port, since the later venture into metroidvania territory didn't sit so well with me, yet home console arcade gaming also comes with its own set of problems. Arcades weren't really that much of a thing in the place i live in, so i never grew accustomed to its coin-munching difficulty, so when an experience like this gets released on something like the Playstation it inevitably leads to an abuse of infinite continues to the point it trivializes the difficulty, while leaving a sour taste in the mouth when the low scores get plastered onto the menu screen. I get that these ports are a way to preserve these games outside of limited arcade cabinets and relive those older days, yet in my case there are no nostalgic arcade days to relive.
Yet, even with my modern sensibilities turned on, there's some sweet fun to be had here. There's a sort of purity in arcade game design that i'm actually really behind; the swiftness of Hiryu's slashes and his vast mobility feels immediately satisfying, whether you're playing for the 1st time or the 100th, an aspect surely important in a genre where most people wouldn't pay to see through to the end. Playing the Metal Slug series on console has a similar feeling, the gorgeous art style and catchy gameplay win me over rather quick, but taking that experience out of its natural habitat leaves some things lost in translation, to the point the experience, great as it is, becomes rather shallow.
Speaking of art style, there's really no denying the aesthetics in display here. Possibly one of the finest looking games on the PS1, it does its blend of 2D sprites and 3D environments to near perfection, lending a sense of scale to the amazing levels and enemies while enhancing the movement possibilities, masterfully playing around with gravity and space. The comic book style cutscenes are the cherry on top, making those great character designs pop out even more, even if i can't really follow the story.
It's very worthwhile to beat at least once, or even multiple times if you want to 'git gud' and get some juicy higher scores.

It's alright. Gorgeous game, I love the style and set-pieces, and it's fun to play on a basic level but you can tell that it's an arcade game by the fact that every level after the first few sucks ass and actively tries to get cheap shots in on you. You get infinite continues on PS1, but that honestly doesn't really help when it's just kind of a loop of die repeat die. I'm sure you can master it but I feel no incentive to.