Super Auto Pets

released on Apr 20, 2021

In Super Auto Pets you build a team from a lovable cast of animals who will fight for you. They each have unique abilities, so choose wisely who will join your team!

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Wonderful to pop onto now and then and get my brain just activated enough thinking about synergies and how to pivot between different strong combinations to let the time pass without feeling a strong compulsion to play a ton. I'm not very good, but the extreme depth is evident and if I ever felt like it I'm sure I could get really into improving my skills. There's a special kind of richness to rolling with the punches of RNG or exerting your will over it that is very enticing to the TCG player part of my brain.
You piece.

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mmmmmm its addicting but losing feels like shit and it happens a lot due to the online multiplayer aspect and i feel like too often when i try to go for any specific combo i roll and roll and never get what i need and end up dying for it which might be a skill issue thing for me but it just aint the kind of rng i like in rng based games

This game fluctuates between 2-stars and 5-stars depending on how annoying the weekly meta is.
I'll give it a solid 3-stars for the ferret representation.

retiring this game because otherwise i'll play way too much of it but i gotta say they got something pretty neat going on here. very juicy sound effects too

this game is not fun to watch nor fun to play

There was a point where I closed it on a win, and then caught myself reopening it immediately, and that was the point where I realized that the rerolling mechanic in these games is just slot machines and the gambling design castoffs had got me again.