Super Mario Bros. 2

released on Oct 09, 1988

Super Mario Bros. 2, 2D platformer and sequel to Super Mario Bros. (1985), features 4 selectable characters (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad) as they navigate the dream world of Subcon to defeat the evil toad king Wart. Super Mario Bros. 2 features different ways interacting with enemies and the world, including an object carrying mechanic and more intricate level designs.

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dont care what anyone says, this is the real mario 2 and one of the best nes games

Hundreds of thousands of early nineties boys across the whole country who would have before SMB2 shunned anything girly or sissylike had to change their hearts or die when they were confronted here with the fact that the only selectable female character is massively OP

Kinda more fun than SMB1, just not "higher than the last entry" fun.

It's got some problems that come with it being OLD, but with an infinite life code it's a comfortable ride with a lot of weird ideas, creativity, and varied level designs. Pretty solid.

this game was actually released as pokemon yellow in japan