Super Mario Galaxy

released on Nov 01, 2007

A 3D platformer and first Wii entry in the Super Mario franchise, Super Mario Galaxy sees Mario jump across planets and galaxies with varying items, enemies, geographies and gravity mechanics in order to reach his enemy Bowser, who has attacked the Mushroom Kingdom and hijacked Princess Peach's castle with her inside.

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I love this game. It's probably the very best title for the Wii and possibly my favorite Mario title ever. Everything about its atmosphere, gameplay, soundtrack, and design is just perfect.
Super Mario Galaxy's mix of tiny spherical planets and more expansive landscapes to explore endlessly keeps things fresh and propels you through an exciting adventure. Finding each and every star is very rewarding.
There's a unique melancholy to Super Mario Galaxy's storytelling that's hard to put your finger on. Sure, it has the classic rescue Princess Peach from Bowser concept, but the storybook page backstory of Rosalina and the tone of Comet Observatory is subtle and unique. It feels very at home in a cosmic adventure like this one.
Just writing about Super Mario Galaxy makes me want to play it again and chase those damn rabbits around in the tutorial area. What a game.

Und wieder hat Super Mario die Gesetze der Jump n Runs umgeschrieben... wieder einmal ein Meilenstein von Nintendo.

I like the moments when nintendo's characteristic sanitized toy-like direction dissipates and you can see the abyss...
But for real, it's very atmospheric and somehow secretly melancholic, and one of the last nintendo releases I actually loved. Gameplay is also much more polished compared to 64 and Sunshine, but without feeling too streamlined like some of the later 3d entries. Wished Koizumi fully directed another game like this or Majora's.

Best taken alongside Galaxy 2. 3D All Starts is definitely the best way to play.

1 and 2 are pretty much the same game and i mean that in the best way possible

This is my favourite 3D mario. I prefer this one more than Galaxy 2 just because I felt it was more of a game and 2 was more of an expansion. I beat this to 120 stars and got luigi and then left it, to come back to some day to play as luigi and have a go again. I might do a quick run on the 3d all star pack but I really enjoyed playing it on the Wii. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to play a fun and simple Mario game with some mind bending mechanics.