Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

released on Oct 21, 1992

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins is a platforming game for the Game Boy and the sequel to Super Mario Land. It also marks the debut of Mario's self-proclaimed arch rival Wario, who would later become a recurring character in the Mario series as well as a protagonist in his own series. The game features new graphics, power-ups, challenges, and a completely original storyline.

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Played this when I was a kid and it was the best gameboy game ever and still is.
If you don't play this you're stupid, yes its true!

This review contains spoilers

A big improvement over the first. Mario Land 2 excels in its creativity, with 6 different zones all far more inventive than generic grass stage, generic snow stage etc. You'll get stages where you're a tiny Mario running through gardens stomping on ants that are now your size, stages where you're in a sunken ship/submarine, a stage in a zone called "Mario Zone" where the stage enterance is on a giant Mario's crotch, and everything inside is ball-shaped. And so much more.
Even the enemies feel much more interesting than the ones seen in normal Mario. There's Jason Voorhees-mask wearing Goomba's in the horror stages!
Not to mention the bosses - there's a 3 little pigs boss.
There's also some mechanics not seen elsewhere in the series, like an enemy kill counter, which, once it gets to 100 gives you a free star and resets.
Only problems I have with this game is that there's some slowdown at times, and the jump physics feel really wonky and inconsistent. Neither one is excess, it's more the fact that they're things that persist the whole time that suck. Though the jumping can be annoying on the last stage, as there's so many precise jumps you need to do.
The last stage in general is crazy. It's a pretty long gauntlet with zero checkpoints - including before the final boss - and only a couple of power-ups. Thank God for the 3DS's save states.
I really wish the New Super Mario Bros. series had taken more inspiration from this game. I'd love a modern take on it.

Mario got given a castle and a giant mech replica of himself after saving Daisy. Peach is very ungrateful!

Smooth as silk, with a nice, short playtime

The platforming level design is more fun and varied than most game boy platformers I've revisited, though still pretty "bread-and-butter" apart from a few particularly enjoyable mechanical twists (the goop cave level, the space zone). Mechanically most of the other side scrolling Marios have this one beat handily.
But really I love this for the oddity of the worlds, enemies, and bosses compared to most other Mario fare. A bunny suit, levels in a hollowed-out pumpkin, a turtle zone, just an off the wall, kind of fairytale storybook atmosphere which feels much more inspired than New Super Mario Bros. U's zones. Would be cool to see another crack at this one's unique visual vibe but without the cartridge / screen size restrictions of the game boy.