Super Mario Land

released on Apr 21, 1989

Super Mario Land is the first Mario's outing on the Game Boy. It is a side-scrolling platformer much in the vein of the previous Super Mario Bros. This time, Mario must save Princess Daisy, rather than Princess Toadstool, from her kidnapper Tatanga, a mysterious spaceman. The game follows largely the same formula of its aforementioned predecessor, with Mario defeating enemies by jumping on them and collecting coins and power ups by hitting floating blocks, with each world leading up to a boss fight which is defeated using by collapsing the floor. A unique feature of this instalment is two scrolling shoot-'em-up levels, the first of which Mario pilots a submarine, and the second an aeroplane.

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It has many flaws ngl, but is actually a pretty good game surprisingly. I honestly think is better than the original Super Mario Bros, something that maybe will anger you mario fans, but I don't care. This is one of the most underrated mario games by far.

That sure was a nice bag of chips, short and simple, with little to no lasting taste

Banger music and I like how they managed to make levels stand out despite the lack of color.

Played this a lot as a kid. It's pretty much just a mediocre Mario game

It's a pretty decent game. Factoring in that it's the first mainline Mario handheld game I'd argue it's on-par with the original Super Mario Bros. For what it is and for what it does it does it well.
It's a bit clunky in places but that's to be expected for their first outing on handheld. It's a fine game on it's own but it's vibes are impeccable and put it over the edge for me. It's unique traits are so interesting and the theming in the game with it's music and it's level design is simply good vibes. I like it. Pretty decent game