Super Mario Star Road

released on Dec 25, 2011

A mod for Super Mario 64

Super Mario Star Road is a rom hack of Super Mario 64 and can be considered a sequel to that very game. It contains over 120 stars, more than 30 new areas, nearly 50 new tunes, and many other new features.

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The closest we've gotten to an actual sequel to SM64 and remains one of the highest quality hacks to this day

For a total conversion mario 64 hack this is definitely impressive, but the way I played it I can't really recommend at all. This hack was intended to be played on emulators, but I played a conversion that runs on the original N64. The level designs are neat but there isn't really a proper difficulty curve, some levels are significantly harder than others and the levels demand much more out of the player than regular mario 64 levels. On the actual N64, the framerate is horrendous with some levels reaching an absolute crawl in FPS. The N64 conversion also has a broken game over room, which makes lives absolutely imperative to have enough of. The life thing becomes a huge problem later on in the game as more and more levels favor bottomless pits under everything, making dying extremely common. A lot of my time was spent grinding for lives... One of the stars is also broken in the conversion, making a 100% run impossible. I'm sure with an emulator that has both save states and a stable FPS that this would be a solid little fan game, but on original hardware this is an absolute mess.

(Finished with 111 stars)
I believe it's the most solid SM64 hack I've gone through. Although it doesn't present as many innovations as others, this hack is very similar to the original in several aspects, it uses things from the original in a smart way and presents a great level design and a lot of creativity with everything it has. It's not a perfect fangame, it still has small bugs and stages with missions a little more difficult than the expected level, but they are in a few cases and some flaws are present in the original game.
Definitely one of the best SM64 hacks to date, definitely one of the best done.
(Finalizado com 111 estrelas)
Acredito que seja a hack mais sólida de SM64 que fui até o fim. Embora não apresente tantas inovações quanto outras, essa hack se mostra bem parecido com o original em vários aspectos, ele utiliza coisas do original de forma inteligente e apresenta um ótimo level design e muita criatividade com tudo que tem. Não é um fangame perfeito, ainda apresenta pequenos bugs e fases com missões um pouco mais difíceis do que o nível esperado, porém são em poucos casos e algumas falhas estão presentes no jogo original.
Com certeza uma das melhores hacks de SM64 até hoje, com certeza uma das mais bem feitas.

It is a truly exceptional and influential ROM hack, and it ages exceptionally well. It set the standard of quality for new, complete Mario games on the SM64 engine, and despite some annoying stars, it feels easily as accomplished as the vanilla game in terms of level design. There now exists many versions of this game, even one that is compatible with the N64 console of you own an Everdrive, and it feels as much like a fantastic add-on to SM64 as SMG2 feels like a fantastic add-on to SMG1. An excellent place to start if you have an interest for SM64 ROM hacking and don't know what to play first.

Un problema muy agraviado de muchos de estos ROMs hacks, es que si, para hacer el chiste, para poner creatividad, probar y hacer cosas están muy bien, pero muchos suelen pecas de hacer niveles muy difíciles y muy mal diseñados.
Ejemplos poniendo jefes en lugares ridículos o obstáculos muy precisos muy seguido entre si (aunque no por algo machos suelen pedir o sujerir el uso de save states) aparte de que elimina esa cualidad de Mario 64, de expresividad en su máximo esplendor, suele ser mermada por puro ensañó y error o combinaciones de movimientos demasiado extrañas o fastidiosas (pon no decir que la cámara es donde más se vuelve loca, ya que muchos de niveles de ROMs de este estilo no están hechos para esa cámara), si fuera en plan pura parodia (como los kaizo) se entiende más, pero aquí hay genuina intención de hacer cosas, y muchas pueden ser erráticas.
Igualmente le tengo cariño a este rom por diepiify cuando lo subía hace ya casi 10 años. Las tardes que habré pasado viendo con roms de este estilo eran geniales, sobretodo venir del insti a verlo con tranquilidad.

This was my first time completing a genuine rom hack (not counting Waluigi’s Taco Stand), and holy shit this game was fun. I’ve known about Star Road for what feels like forever, back when I was in elementary school maybe I was watching videos on this rom hack because it combined so many things I loved about the Mario series and the entire thing felt magical in a way. Completing it now as a college student was nothing but nostalgic bliss, you can feel the passion put into this project throughout each and every area and level throughout the game.
Despite a few levels feeling sloppy in design and some moments of lag (I was playing the console compatible version which is most likely why), Star Road consistently upped the challenge as you advance throughout Star Leap Tower. Combined with tricky platforming and some incredibly well hidden areas, the variety of courses that you can go to felt much more unique than the original SM64 in my opinion, and was honestly a lot more satisfying upon completion. Even the selection of music and replacement tracks for the file select and different caps that Mario can wear were extremely fitting thanks to the SM64 sound font. I particularly loved the use of many tracks from Super Mario RPG and Galaxy.
Overall, Super Mario Star Road was a blast to finally play, especially when going for the 130 star completion. I’m not surprised one bit that Star Road is so popular and most often considered the best rom hack for SM64; it definitely holds up to its title as the unofficial sequel.