Super Mario World

released on Nov 21, 1990

A 2D platformer and first entry on the SNES in the Super Mario franchise, Super Mario World follows Mario as he attempts to defeat Bowser's underlings and rescue Princess Peach from his clutches. The game features a save system, a less linear world map, an expanded movement arsenal and numerous new items for Mario, alongside new approaches to level design and art direction.

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Such a fun game. The variety of levels and the different routes that can be taken to finish the game are all awesome, especially the secret levels.

Good, basic, solid platformer title. Can't really say much, it's just a pretty nice time.

This is the greatest hotel game ever made.
But for real though, after 32 years I still haven't found a pure platformer more flush, polished, and iconic than this. Add in that nostalgia factor and the undying community around it always coming up with new ways to play it, and I really do think this is the eternal 🐐 of the genre.
A contender can't just do as good or a few things better, it'd have to blow every aspect of it out of the water and then hold strong for a couple decades to sink in with an entire generation.
Until you find that title, please raise your kids right and introduce them to this game. Preferably on a hotel CRT using that weird omni-remote/controller with way too many buttons.

Y'know, I never really thought I could like like another 2D Mario game apart from 3, but man was I wrong when I tried this one out.
Apparently I've been blind to the existence of this one, and I haven't really been bothered to go looking for more 2D Mario games because A: I kinda suck at them and B: Lost Levels left a veeeeery sour taste in my mouth.
But even if I do suck at 2D Mario in general, this one's really fun! Level design is pretty neat, with the addition of Yoshi and the cape to the ever growing list of powerups (I guess Yoshi counts, kinda), which are equally good powerups in their own right.
After playing it I can really see why people revere this one to the extent that it is, and you should probably play it if you have nothing better to do (you should play it regardless).

Finally went into this full force and it's a must play. But that always goes without saying. Make sure to play the classics.