Super Princess Peach

released on Oct 20, 2005

Princess Power!
Bowser's up to no good again...but this time, it's Princess Peach to the rescue! When Mario, Luigi, and the Mushroom Castle Toads get kidnapped it's up to Peach and her magical umbrella to save them.

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This game is so silly... I love it.
Hidden gem of the Mario series.
Lo jugué primero que Rangu y Eric wtfff XDD

This couldn't be made today because of Nintendo's iron grip on the Mario universe in recent years. Just having Toadsworth in it would piss them off.
That's what turns an otherwise forgettable spinoff into something remarkable. It helps that I actually enjoyed my time with the game as a kid.

Tudo que eu precisava depois de Wario Land. Exemplo em exploração, estética maravilhosa e conteúdo infinito. Qualidade consistente, e o único pecado é que poderia utilizar muitas de suas ideias mais vezes. Excelente.

Best 2D Mario game and I'm not gonna pretend it isn't