Super Smash Bros.

released on Jan 21, 1999

Super Smash Bros. is a crossover fighting video game between several different Nintendo franchises, and the first installment in the Super Smash Bros. series. Players must defeat their opponents multiple times in a fighting frenzy of items and power-ups. Super Smash Bros. is a departure from the general genre of fighting games: instead of depleting an opponent's life bar, the players seek to knock opposing characters off a stage. Each player has a damage total, represented by a percentage, which rises as the damage is taken.

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You always forget how unbelievably jank this is when you haven't played it in a while. Still I'll always love it since it was my first ever Nintendo game

It's dated, but very charming. I would play this game in between renting brawl at the time. As basic as it is, it's still smash bros. So it's still a good time.

fun to go back to occasionally

Put many hours into this as a kid. Amazing game at the time

The OG of the crew, yet the one I played last out of them all
Quite clunky to use the controller but I feel thats the case with any N64 title
TBH, this title hold up alright despite lack of content