SuperHot: Mind Control Delete

released on Jul 16, 2020

The third game in the SuperHot franchise - Mind Control Delete gives you more insight into the world of SuperHot, more story, more signature gameplay. Hours and hours of timeless combat. Keep dancing the slow motion ballet of destruction for so much longer than ever before.

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Boggles my mind that the devs thought that the best direction to go with for the expansion was to make a rougelike where you're playing the same levels over and over and over again when all they needed to do was just add more levels, add more mechanics, expand on the story, and add more challenge modes. Adding powerups to start with a weapon right from the start of each level screams that the devs strongly misunderstood what made the game so fun. I want to feel like an action movie star that pulls off the impossible when the odds seem like they're against me, not a super soldier. Just play the challenge modes in the original instead of playing this garbage.

It’s the same levels for the entire game. It is fun at first but your interest goes down by the minute you do these levels one by one.