released on Apr 05, 2019

Supraland is a first-person metroidvania puzzle game. Explore, solve puzzles, beat up monsters, find secret upgrades and new abilities that help you reach new places.

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Great puzzle-platformer with enough rough edges to not be great but too many ideas to be severly condemned for that. At moments is a brilliant game with stellar puzzles, but It takes too much until you get the best tools and some of the design is too closed to experimentation to be surprising and not frustrating on a few situations.
A clear example of a hidden gem that could truly shine with a sequel.

Un juego el cuál no me esperaba casi nada, pero de verdad que juego tan más entretenido.

Not for me. I like the idea behind all the color changing puzzles but ultimately the game just had a lot of stuff I didn't like.
The open world was super tedious with no map or good fast travel. The combat was terrible. The puzzles were occasionally fun and occasionally totally opaque. There were times when they would say "You have everything you need to solve this puzzle" for obvious puzzles and then there were puzzles which required leaps in logic of how various elements interacted with no such prompt.
For a mostly single developer labor of love, this is pretty incredible what was created. But for your time, I would spend it on other stuff.

I played this so my boyfriend would know I pay attention to what he likes but then it gave me motion sickness lol.

Surprisingly high-quality game. The gameplay is very entertaining, the level design is well-thought, and the skill progression is amazing, I wish more games had similar coherence. I loved that you could re-explore the world after each gained the ability to find lots of new hidden passes and rooms in places you've been a hundred times. The plot itself was not the strongest, but I still think as a low-key game this works exceptionally well. Highly recommend!

An immaculate 3D interpretation of the metroidvania concept. Movement is dynamic and fast paced without ever feeling uncontrolled, puzzles and tools are creative and engage with each other in tons of fun ways, and the style and art of the game is playful and wholesome.
Only gripe, and very fitting to much of the metroidvania genre of old, the combat is majorly lacking. I'm torn between saying the game would be better without combat all together or that combat needed to be doubled down on. It's not unpleasant although the first few minutes are stiff, but it quickly becomes something you barely engage with.
Overall a blast, a great collectathon with awesome gameplay.