Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

released on Jan 11, 2019

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is a remaster of the expanded Playstation 3 port of the original game, which was exclusive to Japan.

Dive into the definitive version of this game with updated full-HD graphics, brand-new music tracks, exciting mini-games, bosses and more!

Two more playable characters join the fray!
- Patty Fleur, a cheerful and tough young pirate girl in search of treasure, adventure… and her forgotten memories.
- Flynn Scifo, Yuri’s best friend and an Imperial Knight, now joins the rest on their journey!

A power struggle begins in a civilization dependent on an ancient technology, the blastia, and the Empire that controls it. The fates of two friends traveling separate paths intertwine in an epic adventure that threatens the existence of all.

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Why does this game have such horrendous audio issues. Some scenes have like no background noise which just makes them more awkward and all the new skits have godawful audio peaking and the yuri voice actor swap is so fucking obvious and kind of annoying. Like i get they had to put patty in with gluesticks but the peaking is so grating on the ears whenever they make the “s” sound
Luckily the game itself is kino as fuck

Mano eu amo o Yuri mas este jogo também sofre do sindrome de mid de Tales

Menos mal que se me ocurrió jugarlo después de Berseria, porque las sensaciones son muchísimo más positivas; los personajes son más creíbles, los escenarios, aunque pequeños, son suficientemente sobrios, bonitos y con la exploración suficiente, además de presentar una verticalidad de la que carecían entregas posteriores. Y aunque me parezca que le sobran varias horas de juego, hay personajes que dan la sensación de que no están aprovechados, están por estar y les falta transfondo. Como en Berseria, este abusa también mucho de conversaciones opcionales que, eso sí, son mucho más breves, más lógicas y encajan mejor en cada situación. En general, correcto y satisfactorio.

lo odio lo odio lo odioooooooooooo

I played this originally on the Xbox 360 and was my first major JRPG game which opened up a whole new world for me in the JRPG genre!
So Graphically the game is decent, it's your normal JRPG open world graphics but when you come into new towns the game looks nice but man those full anime cutscenes really make this game look outstanding and are used at the perfect moments for the story
The story is a great experience too, without spoilers it's definitely worth playing this for the story, the characters you mean along the way also make it quite fun although half the time the characters act like idiots in the sense of "this is a door, you can open them" which makes it quite funny at times
You can change characters titles, costumes if you have the DLC and also what armour, ect that they are all using, you can tell which character to prioritise with fighting or healing and when to go all in or heal and be safe
There is a cooking menu too for which you learn recipes along the way to create food to heal and give buffs.
This is also split screen co-op but without the splitscreen, the 2nd player can only join when there's a battle (that i'm aware of) so you can enjoy a story and both battle when it matters!
You can also choose when or if a AI can use a healing or other items to control your fights and inventory
The soundtrack to this game is also amazing, the intro is my favourite in the entire series but Berseria is close behind, as is zestiria... THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD!