Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

released on Jan 11, 2019

An expanded game of Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is a remaster of the expanded Playstation 3 port of the original game, which was exclusive to Japan.

Dive into the definitive version of this game with updated full-HD graphics, brand-new music tracks, exciting mini-games, bosses and more!

Two more playable characters join the fray!
- Patty Fleur, a cheerful and tough young pirate girl in search of treasure, adventure… and her forgotten memories.
- Flynn Scifo, Yuri’s best friend and an Imperial Knight, now joins the rest on their journey!

A power struggle begins in a civilization dependent on an ancient technology, the blastia, and the Empire that controls it. The fates of two friends traveling separate paths intertwine in an epic adventure that threatens the existence of all.

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The Steam version of the game offers some improvements in graphics and sound. However, the core problems of the game are still there. First and foremost, and in my opinion the most troublesome issue, the game's combat system is very boring and repetitive. Battles don't require much strategy other than simple combos against enemies and the occasional use of special abilities. Also, the battles are very frequent and dodging is almost impossible. This slows down the pace of the game and makes it boring. Secondly, the story and world are interesting. The characters fit the typical JRPG archetype. There's not much to discover. In conclusion, Tales of Vesperia is not a fun game. While the graphics and sounds are nice, the combat system is very weak. It may be a nostalgic experience for those who love the series, but I don't recommend it for newcomers.

A wholsome cast of characters with a decent enough story, Tales of Vesperia offers a well rounded RPG adventure. Despite its engaging story and dynamic combat system the game is very derivative when it comes to its pacing. The game gets extremely stale around the halfway mark, showing no signs of further innovation to the mechanics.

i enjoy the characters and story of this game a lot! i really needed a fluffy and lighthearted game and this one was perfect. despite the high stakes and complicated situations the characters find themselves in, this was always enjoyable. even when moral was at its lowest, i had a great time with this game. the characters feel like a real friend group, not just people who stumbled upon each other. they are all very well written, with yuri being exceptionally good!

Tales of Vesperia (2008): Más que la suma de sus partes. Un sistema de combate simplón, una historia del montón, y (eso sí) un desarrollo de personajes increíble, que es su gran punto fuerte. Se nota mucho la falta de presupuesto, pero me ha hecho interesarme por la saga (8,20)

Very fun game. The main cast is adorable with yuri, rita and judith standing out the most for me personally. Yuri in particular is a great protagonist to me. The lack of really good villains hurt the story but not by a lot. The world also wasnt one of the best that i experienced but someplaces were truly special like mt temza and the city in the sky. I like all the little side quests and side content packed into the game as well. It helped make the game feel as big as it wanted to. This probably isnt the best tales of game for some(i cant comment on that because this is my first) but this is a really good retro rpg experience. Overall a solid game

I love Vesperia a lot and seeing this getting released was very exciting. Why the hell didn't they get Troy Baker back in for Yuri? He absolutely sells Yuri's character for me and hearing him randomly change voices for all the new scenes was immersion-shattering, to say the least. Despite the weird hiccups, this game is still incredible and one of the best in the franchise by far.