Tecmo Super Bowl

released on Dec 13, 1991
by Tecmo

The teams, the players, and the halftime shows are ready for the ultimate football season, and you're in control. From the first pre-season game to the playoffs, it's your call, your skill, and your team. Can you get to and win the Super Bowl? Tecmo Super Bowl is the only football game to feature onside kicks, blocked passes and kicks, fumbles, pitchout to the running back, player injuries, time-outs, and much, much more! For 1 or 2 players. All 28 NFL teams! Four running plays, four passing plays. Team stats and data. Create your own Pro Bowl. Coach Mode, where you call the plays!

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I was forged in the fire of this game.
Probably second only to Tetris in play time throughout my life, Tecmo Super Bowl tends to be the first game I load up when anything NES is happening. Whether it's my childhood console and cartridge or emulation; This game is getting played. Most recently I've stumbled across the wonderful world of retro gaming handhelds and all the fun they have to offer. I've had a "Miyoo Mini" for about a year now and just finished up yet another season of Tecmo Super Bowl rather than exploring something new in the retro world.
There's gimmicks, exploits and ways you can game the game. It's aged. It's missing features you wish a football game had. It's got its many quirks. But it's still fun. It's up to you to handicap yourself in certain ways. Avoid those exploits. And you can still be challenged thoroughly. Especially come playoff time! While I brought the Bears to the promised land my last season playthrough, I fell short with the Chargers this time. QB Bills was tossing bombs in the AFC championship and Thurman Thomas could not be contained.
Always fun. Always a trip back in time. I love it.

A simple fast paced take on maybe the worlds most convoluted sport

My friends would all pick a team and we would stay up all night playing full seasons. Game didn't age well but was a lot of fun for its time

Not really a football fan but I had some fun with this a couple of times. I remember playing this in grade school for some reason. Always lost though. I didn't know how broken bo jackson was.