released on Oct 27, 2014

In Tengami you explore a beautifully crafted pop-up book world, with an art style inspired by traditional Japanese arts and crafts. Tengami is an atmospheric adventure game, full of wonder and mystery, set in Japan of ancient dark fairy tales. Flip, fold, slide and pull parts of the world to solve puzzles and discover secrets.

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Juego cortito, pero emotivo que nos habla de la vida y la muerte de una forma poética y una estética japonesa maravillosa.

Elementary school level puzzles and incredibly boring structure unfortunately kills the enjoyment of this game. Even though I like point and click I am not satisfied, but at least it has a nice art style.

A nice little indie game with really interesting pop-up art and a relaxing soundtrack. The puzzles are simple enough, though I'm not necessarily a fan of how many puzzles require remembering the number of symbols scattered throughout, and I feel like the game's playtime is padded out by how horizontally long levels can be, further compounded by how slow your character walks.

Another indie game with cool art. Really good for helping to sleep