released on Dec 31, 1992

A remake of Tetris

A tile-matching puzzle video game. The goal is to place pieces made up of four tiles in a ten-by-twenty well, organizing them into complete rows, which then disappear. This is a version of Tetris made for the Philips CD-i.

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Not the best version of Tetris, but it was very relaxing, thanks to the moody music and the background images.

Pretty mediocre version of Tetris held up by really good presentation and music. Interesting to play for novelty but it would never be my main version of the game. Get your fix somewhere else.

(Gonna spew some shit from my mind; sorry if its kind of Doomer-y)
An Audio/Visual masterpiece. I want to get sucked into this realm; a forever realm of lost 90's vibes. Yeah, what the fuck ever I'm one of those "yearning for a time I never even experienced" knowing full damn and well it probably wasn't any better than My Now. This is my beautiful utopia escapism. I want to walk in nature to these beautiful music. I want to feel the childlike joy of Hot Wheel tracks filling my home. I want that imagined feeling of being a Mallrat.
I might be going boomer because I am rapidly thinking more and more that today is just getting worse. I am legit thinking corporations are just sucking the soul out of us all. I kind of refuse to believe that corp market research has found that the most boring minimalist UI and shit is what people want. Who wants fucking modern Xbox UI compared to the first Xbox or Blades? Websites keep updating to look worse AND be insanely worse at providing you the information you need.
Anyways theres my little rant about shit.

The significance of music is truly something I could never speak highly enough about. It comes in so many flavors and moods, and in such different styles that I find it hard to imagine anyone could possibly be grouchy and curmudgeon enough to go, "man, I fucking hate music. Get that shit out of here".
Sure, it's an old version of Tetris with the usual endearing clunk to be expected from it's day, perhaps even slightly more so going off the poor emulation I was using, but with someone like me who's too foolish to focus on the gameplay aspect, I could only find myself in a permanent state of zen thanks to the musical contributions of Jim Andron and the scenery of our beautiful planet. Even with the awful control scheme I had to use with my mouse and arrow keys, I didn't mind a damn thing, because I was happy as can be. Heartwarmed as always to find the wholesome comment section on Youtube of all places for Tetris CD-i's OST with Jim Andron himself there thanking everyone for enjoying his work so much later after the CD-i's demise.
I may have said it before already elsewhere, but I do truly love composers who put the work in no matter what game or system they're on task for. They're among my favorite people ever, and I couldn't possibly thank them enough for making video games even more memorable. Thanks to them, this particular version of the classic did indeed become a legend....

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When I was very young, I was a fan of the PHILIPS "Screwdriver" CD-I. My Favorite game was TETRIS CD-I, I once lost Nintendo Club Membership many years ago and since then I worship PHILIPS. I recall on a very dark day, the CD-YIES power was cut. Tetnis bloks bled hyper-realistic blood. When the CD-I came, I didn't realize that Tetris was a real boy. From the commercial, I forgot that the music was such a bop. Wario was standing ominously in the alleyways of Detroit. "What a game!" And in Detriot, there once was robotic jesus robocop who liked canada
final rating: 0.5/5
made me cry :'(

v a p o r w a v e t e t r i s
Not a good version of Tetris at all, it's so damn slow and there's none of the later developments in Tetris technology, but the VIBES of this game are incredible. The kickass music, the 90's spa backgrounds, if someone could re-create the aesthetics of this in an actually good game (doesn't even need to be Tetris, anything really) I'd be so happy.