Tetris: The Grand Master

released on Aug 01, 1998

The first entry in the Tetris: The Grand Master sub-series, this game plays similarly to other Tetris games, but rather than merely expecting the player to survive indefinitely, it challenges the player to attain the highest level and score they can in the shortest amount of time. The Grand Master series introduced several play mechanics to Tetris gameplay which can be seen today in its sequels and many other Tetris implementations.

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Excellent! but... let's go better next time

Oh my god I suck at this, but I had a lot of fun cleaning up the trophies. Later TGM games make a lot of improvements, but it's fun to see the simplicity of how the chaos began.

Being the first one, it's a little odd. It's also the easiest apparently. I wouldn't know, they're all hard to me.

at one point or another I tried grinding my way to level 999. It was a real grind but it was an awful lot of fun to see myself improve. I only ended up making it to level 700, and considering the gravity becomes instant at level 500, I'd say thats pretty impressive for me.