Tetris Worlds

released on Sep 05, 2001

For over a decade, the Tetris series has made an appearance on every game system. Tetris Worlds continues that streak, bringing their distinct brand of simple, yet addictive gameplay to the current generation of systems. Small shapes called Tetraminoes fall from the top of the screen to the bottom and you must rotate them and fit them together to complete lines. The game features six different variations of the classic Tetris, multiplayer mode for up to four players, and six different worlds. Sound easy? Once you start, you can't stop.

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i used to play this in 8th grade on the chrombook when i was bored

Shitty, chunky Tetris with fart noises for a soundtrack.

How do you make Tetris so boring

this game made me go mentally insane

A sexy woman narrates this game, calling out each clear type as you land it. If you are playing poorly and only clearing one line at a time, you will repeatedly hear her whisper “single” in your ear as you struggle to keep your head above water. This is one of the funniest jokes the medium of video games has ever told.