The Ancient Land of Ys

released on Jun 21, 1987

The hero of Ys is an adventurous young swordsman named Adol Christin. As the story begins, he has just arrived at the Town of Minea, in the land of Esteria. He is called upon by Sara, a fortuneteller, who tells him of a great evil that is sweeping the land.

Adol is informed that he must seek out the six Books of Ys. These books contain the history of the ancient land of Ys, and will give him the knowledge he needs to defeat the evil forces. Sara gives Adol a crystal for identification and instructs him to find her aunt in Zepik Village, who holds the key to retrieving one of the Books. With that, his quest begins.

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This game is one of the oldest action RPGs and is an excellent proof of concept. Pros include unique gameplay, cool (for the time) voice acted cutscenes, and a decently nice story. Unfortunately it does have some annoying attributes like the bat boss and being easy to get lost in at times.

Played as part of Ys I & II Eternal on PC.
A nice beginning for a good saga, but today feels very dated.

Pensar que isso saiu em 87 é loucura, envelheceu muito bem graficamente, até hj é impressionante. Pixel art fantástica, cutscenes animadas, DUBLAGEM e uma OST especatular. O fato de ser um jogo de PC Engine, permitiu Ys ser um JRPG mais avançado que seus concorrentes.
Claro que isso não impede Ys de ser ultrapassado em gameplay, level design confuso, dungeons que são um completo labirinto e um sistema de ataque onde vc basicamente ataca e anda ao mesmo tempo, além de se tornar chato depois de horas de grinding obrigatório, como todo JRPG de 80 pede. Em dificuldade, é um caso estranho, geralmente os JRPGs da época costumam ser infernais de díficeis, ou seja 0 balanceamento, já Ys, é fácil em boa parte do seu tempo, tirando a última dungeon, onde vai de muito fácil pra muito difícil, o que o torna desbalanceado nos dois sentidos kkkkkk.
Em narrativa, não trás nada além do feijão com arroz de uma obra de fantasia padrão, mas tem uma lore interessantíssima, o que por si só, já torna Ys um destaque em seu gênero na época.
No fim foi uma experiência proveitosa, apesar de eu ter sofrido um pouco.

A short blast of all the good stuff you want from a JRPG, delivered to you in a few hours instead of hundreds. A pretty by-the-numbers chosen one/prophecy story provides the backdrop for this mad fast paced adventure that has amazing music and surprisingly fun "bump" combat that makes you feel like you're running enemies over in some sort of deathmobile. I especially enjoyed the boss battles, which have this pretty unique style in that you're trying to work out the safest way to bump into them, rather than avoid them. It's neat.
I love a simple JRPG with systems that you can break and become OP and Ys has you one-shotting almost everything you see within half an hour. I had a good time with this.

(NOTE: I played the 1989 DOS version which to my understanding is a pretty faithful port aside from some worse graphics and unlistenable PC speaker music^, so I feel like I got as close to the real deal as was necessary here)
Definitely an improvement on HYDLIDE's foundations for a successful action RPG. Feels like the mission statement was "make a version of THE TOWER OF DRUAGA that doesn't actively hate the player", and in that, they were quite successful. I was impressed by the smooth, intuitive quest design and especially some of the dungeon and overworld graphics. Each area was totally distinct in aesthetic as opposed to the homogenous blocky cave/tower/castle/dungeons of, say, DRAGON QUEST, and this kept me going just to see what was next.
The story is a little repetitive and muddled despite its simplicity, and there are some of the usual annoyances of RPGs of this vintage (mazes, unclear stats, dungeon backtracking), but it's very playable and I actually found the infamous 'bump' combat kind of intuitive and nice! Looking forward to the rest of these (and the remakes of this one).
^Even an Ys noob like me knows that the music is, like, half of this series' deal, so obviously I had to listen to it separately, as it wasn't really in this version. Honestly it's so good, the DOS port should probably get one star MAXIMUM for failing to replicate it. Like, if you can't do the music, just don't make the game. Give up. Port something else.

Great game with great final boss and great music.