The Dog Island

released on Apr 26, 2007

The Dog Island (often stylized as "THE DOG Island") is a 2008 role-playing video game for the Wii and PlayStation 2 consoles in which players control a dog and must go on a journey to search for a special flower to aid their sick sibling, which can only be found by achieving their goal to become a "sniff master". The player interacts with various other animals in the game that give hints and information to aid on the quest. It was released on April 26, 2007 in Japan by Yuke's.

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Cute game but essentially the same gameplay as the second one, which is better in every way. So. Just play Petz Dogz 2

it really was a dog island! the soccer mini game made me mad

when i was a young lad i was so badly fixated on this game and i made a little paper cutout of petasi and i would take him everywhere with me. one day i lost him and i cried so hard and my mom told me to just make another one. i made another one out of graph paper but the original one magically turned up again a few days later. anyways i don't know where either of them went it's been over 10 years they've both most likely been lost to the void. the game itself is surprisingly good for what it is by the way.

This game is actually really good... who would have thought a game commissioned by a brand about dogs where you play as dogs in their style would have you fighting ancient T-Rex', going on dates (this was really weird), and exploring booby trapped ancient tombs ala Indiana Jones.
This game is somehow filled with intense emotion and somewhat serious topics for a game that you'd look at and think was made for very young children. Everything is done in a way that gives it enough nuance to feel genuinely emotional but not so much that it would come across as maybe too serious? Whimsy is a word I would use to describe this game. Emotional and whimsical. A game about tiny dogs with big fuckin heads.
I feel like the game hit the wayside with it's characters. They do take the time to actually give some of these funny dogs characters and personalities but there are a lot of characters in this game that just kinda sit around and do nothing. I guess this game is pretty much an RPG so it's not that weird but the fact that they're all just dogs that, well, look like normal dogs, they don't really stand out against each other. Except for the slightly racist Chinese stereotype dogs, you'll never forget them. The music in this game is also very good. Very peaceful acoustics that will probably stick to my mind as one of the better soundtracks I've heard in a game. This composer has never done anything else besides this and some weird Disney thing who cares somebody hire this woman please.
This game is... fun. It's very simple, it's very relaxing, and it goes places you wouldn't expect for a game about tiny dogs with big heads. It even does a lot visually that's very cool! This game is very pleasing to the eye, I mean it's a wii game it doesn't have a whole lot going on but it has pretty colors oooh
Everything about this game is just lovely except the part where they force you to date a dog for no reason and it has no bearings on anything that happens in the game ever and the dog you are forced to date never even acknowledges that it happened??? It's really weird and it made me uncomfortable sorry...
Play this game if you're super smart and are a good person! please buy me the bulldog plush
EDIT: Just saw the Japanese box art if someone has a list of boxarts that got fucked up overseas add this one please