The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Switch

released on Nov 17, 2017

Dragons, long lost to the passages of the Elder Scrolls, have returned and the future of Skyrim hangs in the balance. As Dragonborn, the prophesized hero born with the power of The Voice, you are the only one who can stand against them.

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It has become trendy to say Skyrim isn't actually good--that just tells me you didn't play as a stealth archer
Narrative: 4
Gameplay: 3
Visuals: 3
X-Factor: 3
Bonus: +1.5, world-building, mods, and legacy
Overall: 4.5

Although its Vanilla Skyrim to its fullest, it still satisfies my skyrim tick every once awhile
It is natural tradition to suplex grelod the kind

I'm sure I would really enjoy this but I just know I won't have the time. Played a solid amount of hours of this and have enjoyed what I played. Will probably play Elder Scrolls 6 though.

Fiz 200 e poucas horas no PS3. Nunca tinha jogado as missões da thieves guild, nem usava magia. Meu boneco era um troglodita com uma espada enorme -- e tava ótimo. Agora, no Switch, eu fiz um khajit que virou vampiro, solta bola de fogo, conjura um lobo e o escambau. É outro jogo. Por mim eles relançam todo ano kkk.

Funny dragon game but now it's handheld on Switch woooaahhhhhh