The Eyes of Dr Kautzmann

released on Oct 01, 2022

The Eyes of Dr Kautzmann is a first-person point-and-click detective game inspired by German expressionist cinema. Solve environmental puzzles to uncover the tragic history and secrets of a doomed town.

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Either the cumulative mindpower of the Backloggd intelligentsia is too weak to crack a simple four-digit combination lock, or this is a shitty failed attempt at an ARG. Considering the only people who claim to have beaten it apparently did so in eighteen minutes or less (an impossibility with how illegible the text is), or deduced the solution with the help of a 'friend' (that player being the dev's brother, their friend being the dev), the latter is more likely. As the game files do not contain content beyond this lock, we the undersigned parties declare this game to be a big piece of shit.
Postscript: drigo figured it out three beers deep at random.

Update: It's been solved by one kingbancho, who will provide the game for observation at his leisure. Thanks for all the assistance. The game I've been tasked to write on is Hotel Mario.
Dear Backloggd Conglomerate
It is with great humility that I must ask of you a request. Dear friend, consorts, and strangers there is a difficulty that has plagued my evening, and one that I do not think will go away easily I have become cursed by a need to progress in this infernal game.
On this very day, October 5th, I started this game The Eyes of Dr Kautzmann and was immediately allured by its fancy and unique charm. However, I quickly found my interests thwarted by a tedious combination puzzle. With a letter attached teasing me it's not even possible.
'No issue', I thought 'plenty of strapping young lads are obsessed with reacting to horror games, so surely I will abate this frustration henceforth'. However it came to my surprise when there is not a single lets play or walkthrough I can rely upon to progress and 'solve' the confrontation of this blasted combinatorics.
So I have for you, dear reader, a simple request and if you elect to take it a prize. For the first person that can solve or find a walkthrough solving this combination puzzle, I wager a prize of an at least 500 word writing of a game of your choosing, with the only rule being it must not be over 10 hours in length to play to completion. I to am a busy woman, on some days. Hopefully this may entice you into fulfilling this role. Stay safe and warm during this frigid autumn season my good fellows.
Yours Truly,
Erato H.