The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

released on Sep 20, 2019

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is a remake of the 1993 game of the same name.
After defeating Ganon in "A Link to the Past", Link decides to go on a journey to prepare himself in case such an evil returns. During this journey, Link's ship falls prey to a storm. Link wakes up on the beach of the mysterious island of Koholint, where he must gather eight instruments in order to wake the Wind Fish sleeping atop Mt. Tamaranch and leave the island.

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A re-run of link to the past with some streamlining and QOL, skip this if you played LTTP and just go on to ocarina.

+ Awesome unique art style that fits game well
+ Quality of life changes (Item mapping! Scrolling screen!)
+ Compact yet expansive overall experience
+ Fully commits to it's unique story and world
+ Dense map design and clever dungeon design

- Frame rate inconsistency
- Dungeon builder stops far short of it's potential
- Rigid adherence to original map and movement
- Value not entirely there; game feels limited today

Me ha dado mucha penita terminármelo. Este Link tan cuqui es toda una aventura que me ha acompañado en mi Switch.
También es mi primer Zelda, terminado ❤️❤️
Es un juego perfecto para ser el primer Zelda de alguien, la historia enternece y sus controles son un lujo para jugar a ratitos.
Lo dicho, una maravilla.

This review contains spoilers

A toymaker sits over the miniatures they've created. They ponder them for a bit, and glance over each and every one. The features that they carved into them, the paint that's worn thin in places. Each figurine given such care and detail. They give a warm smile to the world they've created in miniature.

Though it is a world that has no life outside of themselves, the world of these toys is as real as can be to them. The names and faces of the people they've created, each reflected in their beady eyes, run through their mind. The stories they've spun, the relationships each toy's been a part of. Their desires, their hatreds, their fear. All of them a reflection of the toymaker's own, in some way or another.

The toymaker sets down the green-clad figure that they had pondered. After he puts the set he so carefully crafted to rest, he reclines on a nearby rocking chair. Through the jostling of the chair back and forth, the warm old wood inviting them to the realm of sleep, their jumbled thoughts create two clear questions:

What is real?

Does it matter?

The land of dreams and the land of waking may not be so different after all.

A bit too pricy for its length and replayability, but enjoyed it nonetheless! Graphics are fresh and very fitting, music is slapping as always and the ability to jump is an interesting addition!

Looks like shit, runs like shit, controls like shit...but at the end of the day, it's still Link's Awakening. A lot of the quality-of-life stuff is nice and the soundtrack is great.