The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

released on Sep 20, 2019

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is a remake of the 1993 game of the same name. Besides the complete graphical and sound overhaul, its gameplay controls have been changed to incorporate the additional buttons the Switch holds as opposed to the 2-button choice of the Game Boy. The overworld map is far more detailed and specific locations can now be marked to be returned to on a later occasion. Additional heart-pieces can also be won, extending the heart meter to a total of 20 instead of the 14 hearts of the original.

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The game looks gorgeous, but its reimagining of the gameboy original is simply that: visual. The obtuseness of the 1998 title is preserved in full, to its detriment. However, what's truly inexcusable are the severe performance issues, which turned me off the game entirely.

Very cute style, I just don't care for this type of game

This game was a joy to play from start to finish. I love the art style that the remake has, and I think it has a lot of charm. Links Awakening DX on the Gameboy Color was actually the game that got me into Zelda, although I never finished it when I was younger, but I have now fixed that mistake with the remake on the Switch.
The island of Koholint is a fun place to traverse and explore. While small in size, the map is densely packed so it feels larger than it actually is. The residents of Koholint are fun to interact with, it feels like a small and tight-knit community on the island. The dungeons were all well designed and fun to go through. Every time I got on this game I would spend way more time than I intended to playing it, as every single time I would go to get off I would just have "one more thing" I wanted to do. The final boss was fun, although it was not very difficult, but neither are any of the bosses in this game really, but they are still fun to fight as they are more about figuring out how to actually damage them rather than just pure combat. The ending of this game is just beautiful as well, I highly recommend playing this game.
My only real issue I have with this game is the frame stuttering that occurs every now and then. It is not too bad but it is a bit annoying. The dungeon maker thing is also not a feature I messed with much, as I just did not want to mess with it, as it is way less cool than it sounds since you have to use rooms from the actual dungeons and string them together in a way that the doors all connect. It is less of a dungeon maker and more of a dungeon masher. Great game overall though.

I played it and it was fun then i never thought about the game again