The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

released on Jun 16, 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is a remake of Ocarina of Time with more up-to-date graphics, streamlined UI and different additional game modes. Most textures are significantly more detailed, and many models are more faithful to the game's concept and promotional art. In addition, the frame rate has been increased to 30 FPS compared to the original's 20 FPS.

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I think OoT 3D is the rare example of a good remake. It barely messes with OoT itself, only adding a couple of tiny things, it just understands that being born in the year that it was, it's ultimately going to have a bunch of built-in issues, born out of technical necessities and just lack of knowledge about things that wouldn't work. So, OoT 3D fixes the framerate, makes the aiming actually work, and I guess brings the graphics to 3DS standards, which is ultimately going to always change a little bit of how you perceive a game, but it's also kind of unavoidable.
Ultimately, yeah, OoT is still a fun game. A bit aged in some areas, and a bit basic in quite a few, but there's something about its dedication to simplicity, whether intentional or not, that I appreciate.

I got my 3ds from a relative(long story) then looked at what I can play on it. Saw this Remake/Remaster and said why not? After all this is the game that every retro gamer's favourite game of all time isn't it?
Then played it... and found it... meh/fine? I mean it wasn't a bad experience but it was adventure game as basic as it gets for me? It never pushes limits or tries something experimental I felt? Is it have to be experimental? Of course no but I felt like it tries to stay simple too much rather than use every dungeon or equipment to it's full potential. What I mean is, I felt every dungeon is designed to be beatable with only using that dungeon's gadget except maybe water dungeon, maybe some small moments in other dungeons and finale dungeon but finale dungeon is mostly a challenge dungeon anyway so... Yeah, I found it was a bit simplistic and formulaic unfortunately. Only dungeon that really forced me was the water dungeon. Yeah you need to keep change your euipment a lot maybe, but it's the only one that pushes it's logic to the limit I felt. I had fun with it because of it.
You will probably say what about the world? What about the side activities? What about the time mechanic? What about the ocarina itself?
They were fine. World was the good kind of open, small but full of things to explore(except middle part of hyrule) in every step if you want, so I had fun when I just wanted to explore a bit. Also seeing alternate ones was cool as well. But learning where to go with asking to npc's was not that fun in my opinion. Sheikah stones kind of help in that regard(but also they kind of harm the game with giving solutions to dungeons, I didn't use it for that but it kind of bothered me with how they taking away from the main challenge itself), but still there is some situations you need to find correct npc or do an obtuse task for the correct objective and that wasn't fun for me.(yeah I know retro games tends to do that but that doesn't mean I enjoy searching for one obtuse thing)
Side activities on the other hand... wasn't that engaging for me because of their timing challenge nature, but variety is nice at least. There is some sidequests as well but I haven't cared about them much if I didn't find them coincidentally while doing main missions.
Time mechanic was greatly disappointing for me. When I first saw it changing between kid and adult, Oh my god possibilities are endleessssss. Then I realized that for the main content you only need to use 4 times or something close to that number and disappointed(I don't count moving blocks as a time travel)...
Ocarina was nice and I liked that some of the songs have interesting effects depending on the situation and sometimes you need to use to solve puzzles as well.
Yeah that was how I felt. Fine but not pushing to the limits kind of game for me.

The Nintendo 64 was revolutionary for the time, it did a lot of important things obviously. But nowadays, literally any game I play on it feels poorly designed now, they feel like products of the time. But the only two exceptions to this were this game and Majoras Mask. These games are damn timeless. How did they nail dungeon design first try? Every dungeon is fantastic, even the Water Temple is great if not flawed on original hardware due to the menuing (which this version fixes thank god). This remake basically just updates the graphics and adds quality of life features like motion controls and other nicities. Having a second map is also convenient. Other than that, it is virtually the same to the original, and thats fine by me since it's so fun! I didnt even care that the story didnt grab me, the design of this game is timeless. I would recommend this remake to almost anyone, enjoyed it when I was 12 and enjoyed it at age 22. Damn I'm old

good remake but i still prefer the original

Wonderfully designed game with a forever iconic soundtrack that is held back by issues that stem from this game ultimately being an N64 game at its core.

What a game.
What a beautiful, beautiful game.
I was hesitant at first, I'll admit. I wasn't sure this game could be as good as I'd heard it hyped up to be. But it was, and so much more.
As soon as you open up the game, you're greeted with a sombre melody playing as Epona gallops across the plains. You create your save file, and you meet the Great Deku Tree and Navi, and you set out on the adventure of a lifetime.
You can really tell the influence of this game nowadays. Targeting is so useful. Granted, there was no free camera movement, but Nintendo soon corrected that with Majora's Mask.
There is just so much to do. The main story takes you all over the map, from inside a giant fish to a torture dungeon to a statue. You can find helpful items like Biggoron's Sword or the Ice Arrows, that are completely unnecessary to the main quest.
This game is so impressive. I love every aspect of it.
Except the Water Temple. That bit sucks.