The Talos Principle VR

released on Oct 17, 2017

The Talos Principle VR is a virtual reality version of Croteam's critically acclaimed first-person puzzle game in the tradition of philosophical science fiction.

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This game has interesting puzzles (particularly in Road to Gehenna), some genuinely funny writing (again, mostly in Road to Gehenna), and potent philosophical themes and musings. Essentially, the game discusses the end of the world, immortality through memories, the nature of AI and consciousness, and what it all means.
All of this is wrapped up in a package of neat puzzles solved entirely in a 3D space from a first-person perspective, relying on interacting with the environment through perspective puzzles with lasers, basic topology-based puzzles with jammers, a time travel/parallel universe gimmick, and a bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately, most of the puzzles in the base game are mindlessly easy (coming from Stephen's Sausage Roll and The Witness, anyway) but Road to Gehenna provides some challenging and truly ingenious puzzles. Overall, the puzzle-solving is fun, and occasionally truly challenging (hence, rewarding).
So yeah, I would recommend this game to people who like waxing philosophical (like myself) and simple puzzles. The graphics and sound are pretty, and there is also some exploration with finding hidden/hard-to-reach stars, but it's not particularly interesting.
The game deserves 4 stars just for the story and presentation, and some of the better puzzles push it up to 4.5 stars for me. Would have been 5 stares if there weren't so many braindead easy puzzles.

Never played the original, but I liked the kind of puzzles this game had. Also had an interesting story.

Base game is fantastic but this port is very typical of ports made in the early era of VR. It doesn't add any tactile interation with the world, your hands pass through everything which breaks immersion and means you don't pick up objects by grabbing them but just by pointing and pressing a button gmod physgun style. At least barebones FPS VR ports have the inherent enhancement of using and aiming a gun with your hands but the Talos Principle is a lot of walking around and moving objects so it makes playing in VR feel very redundant. The major attraction though is that the enviroments look stunning in VR.