The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux

released on Sep 11, 2015

An Unreal Engine 4 remaster of the original game.

Apart from the new engine, the revised version includes a new save system and eliminates the backtracking from the ending sequence of the game.

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It's a walking sim, and if you don't like walking sims, this one probably isn't going to convince you otherwise. The supernatural story woven throughout is competently written and acted. The world itself is a work of art. The game can sometimes be a little slow, but thankfully, there's a run button.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter es un excelente juego de misterio enfocado en la narrativa, la exploración y los acertijos. La versión Redux es una especie de remaster desarrollado para portear el juego a la presente generación de consolas, lo que agrega mejoras en texturas e iluminación, sin modificar nada más. Las diferencias gráficas son evidentes cuando se comparan los dos títulos lado a lado, sin embargo, no son lo suficientemente impresionantes como para notarlas si se juegan por separado. Independientemente de cuál sea la versión con la que experimentes esta historia, será una que no olvidarás fácilmente.

Definitely one of the more interesting walking sims, some of the set pieces completely took me by surprise. Also one of the most beautiful depictions of nature I've seen in a game, so much of my 4 hours was spent slowly walking through the trees and gazing out over the lakes.

Technically marvelous and narratively engaging walking simulator held back by a few questionable design decisions.
+ remarkable graphics with beautiful lighting that make for many screenshot-worthy vistas
+ melodic and diverse soundtrack that strongly enhances the atmosphere
+ interesting mystery uncovered through approachable puzzles
+ a couple unexpected fantasy moments
- out-of-place horror section toward the end
- mediocre ending that potentially requires backtracking
- fundamentally poor progression locked behind hidden items

No soy muy amante del misterio, y los elementos paranormales que a veces lo acompañan nunca me ha parecido que encajaran especialmente bien.
Este, de ambientación setentera y agradables paisajes y banda sonora, se sostiene bajo una atmósfera de intriga mezclada con desazón y una perspectiva en primera persona que lo ayuda a despuntar. Como punto negativo, y en mi caso, la falta de elementos orientativos y pistas me dificultaba entender al principio la resolución de los puzles.

Is my first experience with Walking Simulators and... is not bad, I saw the twist coming due to how common it is, but the story was still really engaging and I wanted to know more about the family and how that ending would be pulled out.
Also, knew that the train station's clocks having different numbers would be related to something important xD