The Walking Dead: Season Two

released on Dec 17, 2013

Similar to the previous season, The Walking Dead: Season Two is a point-and-click adventure game. The player, in control of Clementine, can direct the character around the environment, examine and interact with various scenery elements and collect and use objects to advance the story. The player can also initiate conversations with non-player characters via conversation trees. Certain replies from other characters may offer the player multiple choices to select from, including the option to stay silent, with a limited amount of time to make the selection; if the player does not select an option, the conversation will continue as if they had stayed quiet. Such choices can affect how the other characters will later react to Clementine which can influence later events in the story. Other scenes are more action-oriented, requiring the player to complete quick time events to avoid Clementine or her allies from getting killed. If the player fails these events, the game will restart at the start of such scenes. Such action scenes may also require the player to make a key decision within a limited time frame, such as which of two characters to save from attacking walkers.

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esse jogo me fez chorar em todas as vezes que joguei. É tudo lindo, mesmo sendo simples, as emoções são magníficas.

This review contains spoilers

I ended up siding with a guy I hated in the first game because he was the character I knew. Liked the focus on Clementine.

A solid sequel to The Walking Dead: Season One.