The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine

released on May 30, 2016

An expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Blood and Wine is the second major expansion to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The players will accompany Geralt of Rivia to the region of Toussaint, one of the few places in the Witcher universe which has remained largely untouched by the war. The calm, laid-back atmosphere holds a dark and bloody secret that only the White Wolf can uncover; the expansion features brand new items for us to collect on our adventure and also introduces previously unknown characters.

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El mejor dlc en un videojuego. Prácticamente, es un juego entero aparte. Si bien heart of stone y Wild hunt me parecieron excelentes, Blood and Wine es no me parece, sino que es excelente y es candidato para ganarse el 5/5 (algo que ningún juego ha tenido en más de 2 décadas que llevo en esto).

Simply phenomenal. One of the best DLCs in gaming history.

Maybe one of the best DLC ever released.

TW3 is good, but this is just on another level. It's worth the hundred+ hours it takes to get here.

GOATed, actually the best DLC in existence. Great story telling, great gameplay additions and an impeccable open world that never gets old packed with fun side activities and interesting side quest storylines.

Blood and Wine is less of a DLC in the way that Hearts of Stone was, and closer to that of a sequel. This expansion adds a whole new region to the game, that of the fantasy-French Toussaint, complete with new characters and side quests to accompany. It's a fitting ending for Geralt's journey, and even though it had to establish everything within this expansion, the region is still able to impart its own identity and character. On paper, I think Blood and Wine is probably the highlight of the whole Witcher 3 collection, but interestingly I personally preferred Hearts of Stone. I think its plot was a bit more tight-nit than here, and while this does have some great locales, I liked everything the first DLC had across the board, while some items didn't interest me quite as much. I was honestly getting a bit fatigued of the game (and its combat) by this point, but credit where credit is due, this expansion is still better than the vast majority of games on its own.