Time Crisis: Crisis Zone

released on Nov 19, 2004

A remaster of Crisis Zone

"Time Crisis Crisis Zone" is a Playstation2 port of the light gun arcade game released by Namco in 1999. It supports Guncon 2, and game modes and weapons have been added.

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Crisis Zone (1999): Agradable spin-off de Time Crisis dónde ambos jugadores comparten pantalla y cobertura. Me parece incluso más divertido y ameno que las entregas principales, por lo que para un rato (Apenas 30 minutos) merece la pena. La historia horrible, pero da igual (7,20)

decent entry in the series but its missing those wow moments from the mainline games which i think holds this game back a bit as its mostly just corridors
the extra scenario is not very good either i would just tell you to play the main one