released on Oct 26, 2000

TimeSplitters is a first-person shooter and the first game in the TimeSplitters series.
TimeSplitters features a multiplayer mode, known as "Arcade", where up to four players and ten computer-controlled bots can compete individually, or in up to four different teams in certain modes. There are six multiplayer modes and aspects of each mode - such as the weapons and levels available, the winning condition, and managing characters.
The game contains a level editor that allows the player to create their own level from a selection of various pre-made tiles. Light settings of the tiles can be edited individually and items can be added to the map.

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Funciona de manera regular, ya que tiene un contenido bastante pobre pese a funcionar mecanicamente, las misiones son casi todo lo mismo, aunque las armas, enemigos y niveles esten en general OK.

Never before has a game been exactly what I thought it was going to be, no surprises or curveballs. That's a good thing because I was expecting "Fun shooter game" and yep, it's that!

I think it's okay at best. The frame rate for me was way to low for a shooter, you went either too fast or too slow and the boxart sucks.

I like this one better than TS3, but less than TS2.
Great selection of levels/characters/weapons, including probably the best TS level of them all, Planet X.
While it's missing the story of it's sequels, the time trial element is actually really fun once you commit to it, i initially struggled with it growing up, but returning to it i finally got the knack.
At the time of it's release there was nothing quite like it.