released on Aug 30, 2022

Catch hundreds of tinykin and use their unique powers to bring Milo back to his home planet- and back to normal size!

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A weapon to surpass Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue.
Tinykin mashes several gaming styles together (Pikmin, Paper Mario, Chibi Robo, the aforementioned Toy Story Game) and translates them into a great little horde platformer.
The level design is open-ended but easy to understand, without babying you after its essentially unnecessary tutorial. I think they totally nailed the level/objective aspect, and the Tinykin themselves become a wonderful traversal/puzzle-solving tool.
The whole game is also generally aesthetically pleasing, purple-haired CalArts Millenial™ protag aside. I do love a ‘little guy in a big house’ game. It’s a tad glitchy at times (I’m looking at you, yellow ramp Tinykin), the obligatory “emotional” ending is completely unearned, the 2D nature of the player character doesn’t help platforming (maybe they could have given him a back), and there are a few other quirks, but overall Tinykin is a good game and I’m looking forward to a sequel or more games by the developers. Try it.

Incredible piece of frictionless 3D platforming game design, immaculately paced with a lush, gorgeous aesthetic. Just wish ironing out the last few weedjies was less of a pain

Fun little popcorn experience of a game. Charming art, good sense of movement and exploration, and some decent puzzle solving.

Una gozada de plataformas 3D/collectathon que coge ideas de Pikmin para ofrecer una experiencia cortita pero muy divertida.
Todo fluye de maravilla y explorar cada rinconcito de los mapas (que están llenos hasta arriba de cosas y aprovechando el espacio muy bien) es una delicia.
La historia no es nada espectacular, pero tiene diálogos graciosos llenos de referencias y situaciones muy simpáticas.
Visualmente es muy bonito y tiene una identidad propia que funciona muy bien al combinar los mundos 3D con personajes totalmente 2D.
Lo he disfrutado un montón de principio a fin, incluso aunque sacar el 100% de algunos niveles me haya llevado un rato largo al tener cositas muy bien escondidas.
A delightful 3D platformer/collectathon that takes ideas from Pikmin to offer a short but very fun experience.
Everything flows wonderfully and exploring every inch of every map (which are filled to the brim with stuff and make great use of the space) is a joy.
The story itself isn't spectacular, but it has some funny dialogues filled with references and a lot of charming situations.
Visually it's beautiful and it has a very unique identity that works great by combining 3D worlds with fully 2D characters.
I enjoyed it a lot from beginning to end, even though getting 100% in some maps took me a long while because some things are really well hidden.

I think I could play Tinykin forever. If there were always more areas to explore, I would never get tired of this game. It's such a beautiful hybrid of 3D platforming and stress-free, enemyless Pikmin, a combination I never would have come up with myself. Playing Tinykin feels like putting vanilla extract in your lemonade for the first time. (I'm serious, it's delicious, BUT JUST A TINY BIT DON'T OVERDO IT) This new combination of things I already loved has blown me away.
Now, 100%ing the game was a bit of a drag at the end, but I did eventually find every single Tinykin and every bit of pollen in the house. If I could change one thing about the game, I would have included an unlockable radar for both Tinykin and Pollen. Since there are two exhibits in the hub area that you're meant to fill (the drinks and the artefacs), radar/detectors being rewards for completing each of these would have been perfect. There's no real reward for completion other than achievements, but the game was so delightful that I wanted to play every bit of it that I could.
The story is wack though, I rewatched the ending twice and still don't have a clue what really happened!

Finally, someone brings a Nintendo formula to the PC.
Tinykin is Pikmin. I’ve seen people call it everything from Chibi Robo to Mario but this is absolutely a Pikmin clone. I’m always amazed at how few PC games are based on Nintendo Franchises, but Tinykin does this right and it’s fantastic. You explore a large house and meet various creatures that can accomplish different goals.
At the same time, Tinykin is a bit short with only 6 levels. There are collectibles, and small challenges after the game, but it may only last about 10 hours. There’s not a lot of challenge either but it’s still quite fun. The gameplay is really solid, and the style is brilliant, every level is a different piece of the house, and the experience here is fantastic.
Pick this up if you like Pikmin, or if you just want an interesting game where you explore a house. This should get a lot of attention and it’s the perfect game to play with your kids or just by yourself. I enjoyed this game so much that I bought a copy on Steam because I want more games like this.
A small note, there does appear to be a problem with AMD graphics cards and this game. Not everyone is having it, but a friend of mine’s game is unplayable at this point, which is a shame because he also enjoyed the first level. Hopefully, they can fix that.
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