Tomba! is a side-scrolling platformer in which players control Tomba, a wild boy on the search for his grandfather's bangle that was stolen by some evil pigs. Although Tomba is normally restricted to a two-dimensional plane, there are certain points where he can jump or climb onto a new plane. Tomba's main method of attack is to jump on top of enemies to grab them, allowing him to hop around on them before throwing them away. This can also be used to open other objects such as eggs or treasure chests. Tomba is also able to use various projectile weapons such as maces and boomerangs and can swing on branches and poles. The game is based around a mission system, where the main character's (Tomba's) skills are employed to complete various tasks. Completion of a mission gives a certain amount of adventure points (AP) which are required for AP boxes which contain food (which gives you AP and restores 1 space of vitality) or items, and you may for example need 50,000 AP to open one. AP is also used to gain access to special places or information later in the game. Not all missions are necessary to progress in the game, however, they are required to achieve full completion. There are 130 events (missions) in the game, many of them rely on other events to be completed.

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Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return
Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

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blocked everyone that gave this 3 stars or lower

i played this a lot as a kid but i would always get stuck after that one leafy pigy level and run around in circles for hours

Not as good as the nostalgia folks say, not as bad as the anti-nostalgia folks say. It's a fun, funny, unique platformer with a lot of personality and a fair amount of jank.

You can 100% it in a weekend, and you'll probably enjoy yourself if you can stomach the jank!

Honestamente, y entiendo que es subjetivo porque Tombi 2 es uno de mis plataformas favoritos, pero éste se queda un poco corto. Es divertido y tiene ideas que luego serían mejor desarrolladas en su secuela, pero honestamente, no entiendo a la gente que pone a la secuela de algo injugable comparado con el "mastodonte" que es la primera entrega

Baron sigue siendo el mejor chico, y lo de tenerlo en Seven Friends es realmente muy lindo.

Very sad I didn't enjoy this as it actually seems to have some things going for it.