Tomodachi Life is a communication game for the 3DS in which players can convert their Miis into Tomodachis (or create new ones) and put them in a wide range of scenarios ranging from charming to utterly ridiculous. A key feature of the game is its text-to-speech tech which outputs user generated text as computerized speech in seven languages (EFIGS, Japanese and Korean).

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Fuck with this game heavy man. Used to be grinding this on the playground and tryna make my crush like me in game. Pretty good simulator and the kid friendliness of it doesn't get in the way of any mature people who feel like playing the game.
Pretty good game, dewd.

I've played this game to death. I will wait patiently for the sequel.

i fucking love this game!!!!!!

El juego que, posiblemente, va de la mano con el momento que más nostalgia me da de toda mi vida. El día que me lo regalaron por mi cumple en el pueblo (como de costumbre estaba con toda mi familia) jugué por 12 horas seguidas. De hecho, escribo esto el día de mi cumpleaños. Te quiero abuela, te hecho de menos.

if nintendo doesn't make Tomodachi Life Switch ima delete my nintendo account