Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

released on Sep 29, 1999

Take control of real skaters and perform strings of crazy tricks in the first entry of the long-running Tony Hawk skateboarding series.

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Something ain't right with those grinds.

I can't get good at it for the life of me but i played long enough to collect thoughts on it (unlocked three levels only lmao). There's enjoyment to be had both in pulling off tricks and in falling and eating shit like a dumbass so it balances out nicely. Also there's jerry was a race car driver

it's alright

the series def got better from here on

playing the downhill jam level for the first time at 7 i could feel Changes beginning

While this game gets a lot right from the start, there's a lot lacking in Tony Hawk's first outing. The game lacks ways of chaining combos together, and the levels aren't really designed for chaining combos together either. This really limits how good you can get at it. There's also the 2 minute timer which, honestly, I've never been a big fan of, plus the version I played back in the day (N64) didn't perform very well and didn't have very much music due to space limitations. Still, despite all this skating around feels pretty good and it's for sure a lot better than anything that had come before it.

One of the defining games of my childhood. The mechanics would go on to be refined in subsequent entries, but I have a lot of nostalgia for this first entry. The soundtrack kicks more ass than it has any right to.