Top Banana

released on Feb 01, 1992

Top Banana is a bizarre platformer with an environmental theme.

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more than anything else, i want to make art that looks like this. this game is a huge inspiration 2 me visually nd theres hardly anything like it. its probably not good though lol

check out my stupid digital art

I think about this game so much.
I've never experienced a work of art more aggressive and unwelcoming than this.
The fact that its aggression is served with a smile makes it so much better.

Physically painful to look at but... idk, I kinda developed stockholm syndrome for the way it looks after a while...

Sound design is lowkey terrifying and the gameplay is... actually okay? It doesn't control too badly, but there's a lot of unfair enemy placement.

The game ever, so good they were afraid of making a sequel because of it not being as good as the first one.

A masterpiece that will make you go deaf because of its superb sfx and music.
It will probably make your eyes melt because of its crisp and outstanding visuals.

Life-changing game too, made my wife stay and it helped in winning the lottery.

Please play this game.