Touch Detective

released on Oct 24, 2006

In Touch Detective you will become Mackenzie, a fledgling detective, and solve various mysteries in a "Touch Adventure"!

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charming atmosphere but the game was a disappointment
please don't do any arm to penelope

Fairly mediocre adventure game carried a long way by its charm.
Despite "detective" in the name, the moon logic in both the puzzles and the crimes means it's not really a mystery game; these aren't crimes the player is going to figure out themselves. The puzzles are sometimes satisfying, often frustrating, but not so much I gave up.

Downloaded this to my bootleg SD card disc 10 years ago and now I'm a whore for detective stories

You are MacKenzie, a young detective-in-training looking to establish herself. She is curt and introverted, her inner monologue ever-present on the top screen, contrasting well to the oblivious and audacious supporting cast.
The star of Touch Detective is the cutesy, decidedly feminine neo-gothic setting. It’s one of ornate dress shops, lush desserts, vampire butlers, anthropomorphized animals, ghoulish zombie people, dream worlds, and snow fairies - and it’s all played completely straight.
Though it takes obvious structural cues from Ace Attorney and suffers from the aimlessness commonly associated with its genre, Touch Detective is a fresh, charming point-and-click adventure worthy of attention.

This sucks because it's another one of those "saw this in Nintendo Power as a kid and wanted to play it with my entire heart and soul," and stylistically it's rad! It's adorable! I love the art and the story and it's so cute!
Unfortunately, I do not like point-and-click games apparently, because I thought nonsensical puzzles and Required Walkthrough Reading were an anomaly in the genre. It's very "get item, talk to entire NPC catalogue to see if dialogue changed, investigate item, touch everything in every level, look up walkthrough, 'ah yes of course I had to use the spiderwebs in the corner of the screen to fix the bug net so I can make everyone fall asleep with the dust off a butterfly's wings, why didn't I think of that earlier???'"