released on Mar 16, 2022

Tunic is an action adventure about a tiny fox in a big world. Explore the wilderness, discover spooky ruins, and fight terrible creatures from long ago.

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Uma vez eu disse que esse jogo era ruim, bom realmente foi difícil de jogar ele por causa que tenho Déficit de atenção, então tinha coisas que eu perdia facilmente. Mas após rejogar o jogo e entender ele posso afirmar que é uma experiência incrível e que eu me senti constantemente puxado para descobrir mais segredos que esse jogo escondia, peço desculpas as pessoas pra que eu falei que esse jogo não era bom, e aqui recomendo Tunic, como uma experiência curta e interessante sobre aventura e mistérios.

This came from a really small studio, so it's an incredible achievement. I love this game's presentation: the visuals are lovely, and the music is soothing throughout the whole game.

And the amount of effort they put into the design, goddamn - the "figure it out" approach was executed really damn well, thanks to the amazing idea of the in-game "instruction manual". I loved it, and was able to do most of it without a guide. Discovering the Holy Cross was a particularly satisfying moment. I did end up having to look up some tiny things because occasionally I didn't see a way forward, and I don't think those were meant as "puzzles", it felt like poor visual conveyance from the level design. Nothing major though.

But wow, getting the true ending is kinda absurd. I was almost done so I went all the way, but it was absolutely waaaaay above me, and I looked up a guide. For those who played it, I'm talking about the Golden Path and the fairies. It's always a curious feeling to read the solution of a puzzle, and still be unsure of how it works.

Here's a piece of advice though: if you can't figure it out youserfl, don't bother with the true ending, even with a guide. The devs considered that just solving the puzzle was pay-off enough (rightfully so, solving these without a guide is a truly amazing feat), so the true ending actually has no final boss to speak of. It just ends, and since I've used a guide, it felt anti-climatic.

Not that it matters that much, because I really didn't think the combat was good - my one major criticism. It's pretty obvious the devs are big Souls fans and were dead-set on incorporating Souls elements into this game, and it's an ill-conceived idea, imo, the game would be much better served with a more basic Zelda-like combat.

The bosses' movements and patterns feel like a mismatch to your own movement, and the game not pausing when you open your inventory is legit a detriment. There's tons of items to be found, but I ended up not using a lot of them because it wasn't possible to switch things around during combat.

Thankfully, the devs realized the strength lies on the exploration and the world, so there's an option to make yourself invincible, making combat a non-issue. I love when devs do that shit.

Just a lovely game all around.

this game has a constant identity crisis with what it aspires to be (zelda) and what it actually implements (dark souls, though not entirely). the zelda-y parts are amazing and the manual is an absolute standout in how it gets you to figure out stuff with little to no verbal communication at all, and i hope to see more stuff like this in future games. however, the dark souls part is...who thought it was a good idea to make combat and movement clunky as hell and then decide 'yeah let's throw some hard enemies at the player too bc that's going to be fun!'
what tunic does well it does Really well, and there's a lot to be learned from here. it's a genuine shame that it's hard to appreciate those great aspects because of how plainly bad the combat is designed.

The unique visuals and pleasant audio are surefire wins, but I was surprised at how Tunic's gameplay loop was able to sink its hooks into me; Though I usually dislike games that are purposefully secretive about their mechanics, the implementation of Tunic's Secrets is among the most satisfying I have ever experienced in a video game - You can somehow feel like a genius for discovering something that was in front of you the whole time, even if it took you in excess of an hour to do so.

An obvious loveletter to the likes of Zelda and Dark Souls - It's almost a mystery as to why it connected with me as well as it did, considering I have no love nor experience with those titles.

no doubt one of the standouts of the genre - but suffers greatly in the second half with a clumsy shift of the difficulty curve with a combination of character hobbling and overly obfuscated puzzles that bordered on tedious in the late game. everything else was pretty dead-on though

Gave it a shot but I just can't do it after Death's Door and Link's Awakening.