Two Point Campus

released on Aug 09, 2022

Build the university of your dreams with Two Point Campus, the follow up management sim with a twist from the creators of Two Point Hospital. Get to know your students, explore their personalities and fulfill their wants and needs. Craft buildings, choose courses, hire the best staff and build an academic institution to stand the test of time.

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Two Point Campus isn't doing anything new or revolutionary within its genre. With that said, it is still a lot of fun, and has some interesting mechanics that have kept me coming back to play through multiple levels.
Really though, I want to say that this game has an absolutely bangin' soundtrack, do yourself a favour and listen through it even if you aren't interested in the game. A diversity of genres and feels that somehow all come together in a unified mix of great songs.

Este tipo de juegos no son lo mio :P

A perfect game to play while watching unnecessary long youtube video essays.

good but by the half way point you've seen most of what the game has to offer. Getting 3 stars on each campus is mostly just a waiting game for the numbers to tick up to the nessecary goals.
That being said, an incredibly fun game if you're in the mood for its min/max gameplay and also a fantastic second-screen game.

The exact same as Two Point Hospital; really fun for the first 7 or so hours, and then the dopamine dries up as your brain realises that you're just doing the same shit over and over again.
Muting the intercom and DJ is also borderline essential to avoid the "hilarious" comedic bits. Should honestly ship with them muted by default and turning them on is locked behind a new 'Survival' mode.

It’s ok.
Same formula as two point hospital, besides the schedule thing this games bring nothing new to the genre.