Unbeatable: White Label

released on May 07, 2021

A standalone expansion of Unbeatable

Unbeatable: White Label is a special episodic side-story set in the world of Unbeatable. As a part of Unbeatable's crowdfunding campaign, every episode of [white label] will feature new story content and beatmaps, eventually finishing a complete stand-alone narrative.

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I like the songs in this rhythm game. One thing this game does is mess with your controls at points while you're playing and I never enjoy those mechanics. It's like reversing your left/right and up/down controls randomly. Not cool on harder difficulties.

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An unbelievably charming game, not perfect controls wise but a beautiful visual style with a familiar feeling but overall unique take on the rhythm game genre, all for free! Will definitely be picking up the full release because the game is clearly full of love, effort and passion from the developers

cool style and characters. i just couldnt get fully into it trying to get used to the controls. put it down one afternoon and just couldnt ever pick it back up

A rhythm game with a neat style similar to Studio Trigger and great tracks going for it. It's also free and the controls need a bit more polish.

Incredible style and interface very reminiscent of the Studio Trigger works. A great soundtrack with some bopping tunes. Characters seem great so far, but I wish we got to learn a bit more about Beat! It was a bit confusing learning the controls at first and it certainly takes some getting used to, but I love everything about this game so far. It's free. You lose nothing by trying it. Certainly looking forward to more!