Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen

released on Apr 26, 2018

A remake of Utawarerumono

A remake of the first Utawarerumono title featuring remastered artwork and battle sections are now in 3D.

"For the first time ever, the origins of the Utawarerumono saga are coming overseas!

Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen is the first chapter of a tale years in the making. A man with no memories awakens in a strange world, and is taken in by a tribe of kindhearted beastfolk. He is raised as one of their own, eventually earning the name “Hakuowlo.” When neighboring nations begin to encroach on his homeland, Hakuowlo rises up against the tyrannical invaders, setting himself on an unforgettable journey that lives on in the songs of legend."

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shallow and basic, there is a lack of depth in several parts of the story which leaves some parts weak, however this simplicity the author manages to do well.

É um ótimo jogo, mas que eu tenho umas ressalvas pra fazer. Gostei bastante de como a história se desenrola (mas confesso que achei no começo um pouco do nada a mudança de storytelling), mas pelo formato do jogo o pacing me cansou bastante. Ficar mudando de momentos mais slice-of-life e combate alguma hora fica bem chato, mas pelo menos a história me cativou o suficiente pra continuar até o fim, só que às vezes essa mudança parece meio abrupta. O combate é bem simples, mas é funcional e no começo é divertido, só que mais pro final eu já tava meio desgastado dele pela simplicidade, mas ele é bem bom. Os personagens pra mim foram o ponto mais de destaque do jogo inteiro, junto da OST que é uma maravilha. No final das contas por tentar ser uma VN e um SRPG a experiência se torna bem dicotômica, senti que ele nunca soube dosar exatamente esses dois aspectos, mas é um puta jogo! Os pontos altos dele se destacam mais do que os baixos, então no geral eu sai bem satisfeito, e eu tô bem ansioso pra jogar o resto, principalmente o terceiro jogo. Recomendo demais.

Great narrative writing, quite fun but janky (but fun janky) strategy RPG gameplay. I respect any game that waits 12 hours to show its title card

incredible first installment made me cry

The plot takes a while to pick up but once it hooks you you won't stop playing and reading. The SRPG mechanics are fairly simple and extremely easy so don't come here expecting a challenge, you are here for the excellent story and a great introduction to the Utawarerumono world.

A good first installment and introduction to the Utawarerumono franchise.
The story in the first 70%± of the game wasn't anything particularly noteworthy, it was basically about how Hakuowlo established his own kingdom while dealing with the normal political and military intrigue. Aside from that, I thoroughly appreciated every slice of life scene in the game. Since I adore slice of life series and they are my favourite genre, this game is already without a doubt among the finest in the business. The slice of life part in the game is so well-made and I have never once found one of them to be boring to read. Another thing I appreciate is how many wholesome and heart-warming moments there are in this game. One of my favourite moments in the game is without a doubt the Ulthury character arc since it made me emotional as I read it. Speaking of characters, one of my favourite aspects is how they interact with one another. I appreciate that each of them is unique from the others and has their own traits and personalities. The main cast is likeable, fleshed out and judicious use of screen time contributed to the creation of a solid and well-balanced cast.
Utawarerumono is a turn-based strategy game. The gameplay is straightforward and easy enough for everyone to understand. While I did have trouble fighting Nuwangi's father and in another fight (which is a spoiler, so I won't say more for fear of giving anything away), the game is rather simple to play once you understand its mechanics. The final boss is definitely the hardest one tho thus far, it took me almost an hour to defeat the boss. Nevertheless, I was surprised to defeat the boss on my first attempt because my team was on the verge of dying.
Now back to the story, as I previously stated, the first 70%± of the game's story wasn't anything impressive or engaging, it was just your standard war drama, Hakuowlo creating his own kingdom, political intrigue, etc. Not to mention the antagonists man, they are really underwhelming, classic self-centered and egotistical emperor or tyrant who starts wars to satisfy their own desires although I thought the main antag was pretty good. The story of PttF really comes to life in the final stretch when the mystery of the world is getting finally revealed, it definitely was worth the buildups but again I won't say anything more because it would contain a lot of major spoilers. While it did resolve a lot of riddles, which I am generally content with, it also left me with many unanswered questions and unresolved plot points which I suppose will be revealed in the sequels, the ending of PttF was pretty good tho, curious to see where the story will progress from here
Overall ★★★★
Good game, very excited for Mask duology