Vib-Ribbon is a rhythm game where the player must maneuver musically generated obstacles based on either the game's own soundtrack or a music CD of the player's choice. The player must avoid each obstacle by pressing the correct button at the right time - either L, R, X or down. In more complex tracks, obstacles are combined and the player must press the correct combination of buttons in order the avoid the obstacle. The game is loaded with six tracks to play by Japanese band Laugh and Peace. Additionally, the game's unique software means that the game is loaded into the console's RAM, allowing the player in insert their own music CDs, which generate a unique course for each track.

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the best j-pop ep ever released

Unique looking rhythm game that needed more meat on its wireframe. I played the game on Normal mode and after two songs, the game ended. At first I thought I did something wrong, but after some research, there are only two songs per difficulty. That is disappointing.

This game needed more stages. It felt like a missed opportunity to not have more stages with more music tracks. There is an option that can allow you to insert a CD to make custom tracks, but I played this on a Vita TV (PlayStation TV) and I do not believe you can do that on any version of the Vita.

Vib-Ribbon is an unique looking rhythm game and a fine one to play if you want to kill some time. However, its length leaves something to be desired.

there is something so special about the atmosphere this game creates, an infectiously energetic lofi aesthetic that makes this just stand out even more
as a seminal precursor to many popular rhythm games. the original ost is so vibrant and happy that replaying those six levels to beat my high score was something I looked forward to. the songs were like electropop with a touch of plunderphonics and fishmans-like psychedelia at times. It's really great and a short play that I'd recommend it anyone to check out

this game is awesome, its a really simple game but the aesthetic and soundtrack are really nice, the tutorial makes me happy

Super charming PS1 oddity with an insanely energetic and fun original soundtrack, the whole thing plays out like a cacophony of pure joy and sunshine - it's wonderful! Vibri is also one of the cutest video game characters ever, such a lovely little vector rabbit. The game is very short but that's where your own CD collection comes into play, just pop an album in and try to hop, skip and jump through your favorite tracks in the game. Not as easy as you might think! It's nice that it's still possible to play custom CD tracks on the PS3 with this PS1 Classics release.

I wish there were more quirky little titles like this one on the PlayStation - or on any platform for that matter - these days. I could honestly see a new Vib-Ribbon with a "Tetris Effect treatment" and Spotify support working very well. You listening, Sony?! Two thumbs up for Vib-Ribbon.

something about revisiting this made me really grossly emotional. i listened to this ost on a loop for ages before i ever even had the chance to play the game (when it dropped on the ps3 store, cant remember what year that was), so the soundtrack registers more in my mind as one of the definitive shibuya-kei EPs that happens to have a game associated with it. i remember when i finally got to play the game one of the first things i did was put all the CDs my musician friends had made and sent me into my ps3 to play along with their music. this time around i'm able to burn and play my own music the same way.

i guess the song is called overflowing emotions for a reason. thanks vibri <3