Viewtiful Joe 2

released on Nov 18, 2004

Joe and Silvia are back in this sequel to Viewtiful Joe. This time you have more style, new special moves, and more than 40 new enemies to defeat. Now Joe's trusty aircraft transforms into various shapes to support his activities throughout the game's many stages. In addition to Joe, you can play as Silva, Joe's girlfriend. Call upon the powers of Joe and Silvia, and get ready to both solve new puzzles and save the day.

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Man. They kind of dropped the ball with this one. The game looks and plays identically to the first game, which honestly isn't a problem so long as theres new stuff to go through, fun levels, and interesting bosses. This game doesn't really deliver on most of that. Levels are very strangely designed, with most levels having long difficult first acts followed by shorter, easier later acts. It makes a lot of the levels feel unbalanced as you struggle initially to breeze through the rest of each level. The bosses are pretty standard fare, though they do basically almost reuse an entire boss from the previous game, which wasn't that exciting. You can play as Silvia and tag out between the two characters at any time, but Silvia's moveset isn't as expansive or versatile as Joes so its best to stick with Joe IMO. The only way I could really recommend this is if you are a HUGE fan of the first game and need SOMETHING fresh to play, in which case go for it I guess. Otherwise, just stick with the first one.

"Wow, el primer Viewtiful Joe fue increíble, no puedo esperar a ver qué nuevos jefes, escenarios, puzzles, habilidades y enemigos me esperan en el segundo juego"
Literalmente Viewtiful Joe 2:

a pointless sequel that does nothing to improve the forumla but only prolong and worsen it

Honestly worse in every way than VFJ1 (does anyone even call it this lol) but has like one of my favorite endings in a game. A game that understands the importance of curating art.

O Ultimo jogo que meu tio deu de presente pra mim, quero poder zerar novamente.

I simply cannot wrap my head around this game.