Warhammer: Vermintide 2

released on Mar 08, 2018

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Vermintide. It's time for players to return to the memorable first-person co-op experience with intense world class melee action.

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I've not played everything that this game has to offer but I'm pretty comfortable rating it at this point.
By far the best game I've played for scratching the Left 4 Dead itch.
I'm not a massive Warhammer guy as I've only really quite recently familiarised myself with the world but it offers an insane amount of depth and you feel that with this game.
Visuals and design of each map is incredible, so much variety and they never feel generic at all.
Not many characters but that's countered by making each character able to switch between roles and doing so completely alters their abilities & weapons. The amount of rapport the characters have between themselves makes the game feel much richer too, there are so many unique conversations between the characters it's always fun to listen to them.
The loot and gear system is perfect. I can't say if everything is available to earn through playing the game, I'm sure there is premium stuff that may cost money but the game is overly generous with the reward chests.
I got this for free and expected to play a game or two before Darktide releases but I can see myself playing this much more

One of the strongest multiplayer experiences available. Vermintide launched a little rough, but has benefited tremendously from years of development. The moment-to-moment gameplay is tense and the melee combat is some of the best you'll find in a game. Brief moments of downtime provide opportunities for the game's stellar character writing and performance to shine, showcasing the main cast's chemistry as they bounce quips off each other.
The community is generally pretty good, there are sometimes bad experiences like with any online game, but I've found that the community is overall pretty good. Obviously having a party of friends elevates the experience, but unless you're trying to run the completely optional max difficulty missions there's very little need for a coordinated party of high level players.
Overall excellent game, highly recommend.

2 of the playable characters are bald. not sure why they did that but anyway this game is 👍

create game to play with friends! immediately liked it i spent money on getting the extra classes (<- doesnt spend money well)

Like Warframe but with less content and characters. After you max all builds, there isn't really much to do. Still, kinda fun game to "relax" with friends.

Repetitive as fuck, to the point of unplayability very quickly.