Waste Eater

released on Jan 08, 2023

After a global revolution dealt a final death blow to the world's crumbling industries, researchers and activists were left to pick up the pieces of their planet's ruined ecosystems. Their solution was simple: they turned themselves into pollution-eating mutants.

Now, over half a century later, the rivers are blue again and the birds have learned new songs. A beautiful world is stepping out of the husk of the old.

And the last waste-eater is waiting to die.

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this has to be the second best chat i've had with a bird in my entire life

An imaginative short story, well-told with minimal art, animations, and just a few dialogue choices. Reminiscent of Can Androids Pray, but I prefer the ideas and story in this one. I'll chalk that up to the Le Guin influence, as referenced in the end credits. It only takes a few minutes to experience and uses its time well to consider mortality, community, and the desire to make a better world possible.