Bowl like a pro or go for that home run...
Experience Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling and Boxing as you never did before. Thanks to the Wii Remote, each sport will be immediately familiar and easy to play. And, when you feel ready, challenge your friends and family: everybody will be in for some serious Wii Sports fun!

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omg literally greatest game of all tiem bruh 😭😭😭😭

this game was the most fun thing of all time back when it came out, but now i probably wouldn't play it unless someone asked me to

Simply put, this is probably the best sports game on the market to this day. I can't think of another sports game I would rather load up and play over Wii sports (Even wii sports resort or any of the mario sports games). Maybe that's just a personal preference, but this game could have shipped bowling alone and it would have been a huge hit, I feel like the other 4 games are a bonus to what you are actually getting. I do have to remove a star due to some inputs not being read or read properly in boxing or golf (maybe it was a skill issue, but I swear sometimes my swings or punches wouldn't register correctly), outside of that this game just worked and provided hours of playtime!

tres y medio por el golf de mierda y porque el resort es mejorm.
no me digas tu signo zodiacal, dime cual era tu deporte favorito en Wii Sports (2006)

still fun but inferior to resort due to the lack of content